Clinton Signs FDR Statue Law ... Quotes from National Organization on Disability Officials

Jul 25, 1997, 01:00 ET from National Organization on Disability

    WASHINGTON, July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- For the last three years, the National
 Organization on Disability (N.O.D.) has been leading the national effort to
 depict President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's disability in the new FDR
 Memorial on the Mall in Washington.
     These quotes by N.O.D. officials are their reflections on the July 24,
 1997 signing by President Clinton of Joint Resolution 29 which authorizes an
 addition to the Memorial of a portrayal of FDR in a wheelchair.
     "President Franklin Delano Roosevelt led the United States out of the
 Great Depression and to victory in W.W.II -- from his wheelchair.  The US
 Congress and President Bill Clinton have shown great leadership in passing and
 signing legislation that will assure that future generations of visitors from
 the US and around the world will know about FDR as he really was.  We salute
 their leadership."  Michael R. Deland, Chairman, National Organization on
     "This legislation requires that the additional portrayal of FDR in a
 wheelchair be funded by the private sector and at no expense to the
 government.  The National Organization on Disability, therefore, is calling on
 the American people -- disabled and non-disabled alike -- to support this
 campaign financially, just as FDR called on the American people to conquer
 polio through his 'March of Dimes' campaign."  Alan A. Reich, President,
 National Organization on Disability.
     "We expect to work closely and quickly with US Secretary of the Interior
 Bruce Babbitt.  It is our hope that a statue of FDR in a wheelchair will be
 dedicated by President Clinton within two years.  Every day that passes,
 thousands of visitors to the Memorial don't see that our 32nd president was a
 great man who had a disability, and that he used a wheelchair each day of his
 four terms in the White House."  Jim Dickson, Director of Community Affairs,
 National Organization on Disability.
     The new statue project will be paid for by private contributions.
 Donations for the statue should be sent to Riggs National Bank.  Attn.: N.O.D.
 FDR Wheelchair Statue Fund.  Dept. 0571 Washington, DC 20073-0030.

SOURCE National Organization on Disability