CMP Technology Announces Winners of the 17th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards

Industry Leaders and Newcomers Recognized for Innovation and Technological


Mar 22, 2007, 01:00 ET from CMP Technology

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The editors of Dr. Dobb's
 Journal announced the winners of the 17th annual Jolt Product Excellence
 and Productivity Awards during the Awards Ceremony at CMP Technology's
 Software Development West 2007 Conference and Expo, held at the Santa Clara
 Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.
     "This year was an exceptionally exciting year for our judges, since
 there were so many strong contenders in every category," said Rosalyn Lum,
 conference and events manager for Dr. Dobb's Events. "The winners reflect
 that innovation is still alive: It was especially satisfying to see leaders
 still leading the way and at the same time, newcomers changing how
 developers work by giving them great new products that reflect the changing
 software development landscape."
     Here is a complete list of the 17th Annual Jolt Award Winners:
     1. Books General
     Jolt Winner:
        Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game by Alistair Cockburn
     Productivity Winners:
        Catastrophe Disentanglement by E. M. Bennatan (Addison-Wesley)
        Practices of an Agile Developer by Venkat Subramaniam and Andy Hunt
        (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
        Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art by Steve McConnell
        (Microsoft Press)
     2. Books Technical
     Jolt Winner:
        Head First Object-Oriented Analysis & Design by Brett McLaughlin, Gary
        Pollice, and David West (O'Reilly)
     Productivity Winners:
        Code Quality by Diomidis Spinellis (Addison-Wesley)
        Refactoring Databases by Scott W. Ambler and Pramod J. Sadalage
        CSS: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland (O'Reilly)
     3. Change and Configuration Management
     Jolt Winner:
        AccuRev 4.5 with AccuWorkflow (AccuRev)
     Productivity Winners:
        AnthillPro3 (Urbancode)
        Perforce SCM (Perforce)
        Team Foundation Server (Microsoft)
     4. Collaboration Tools
     Jolt Winner:
        Confluence (Atlassian Software Systems)
     Productivity Winners:
        Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional (Adobe Systems)
        NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems)
        TeamCity (JetBrains)
     5. Database Engines and Data Tools
     Jolt Winner:
        Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals (Microsoft)
     Productivity Winners:
        Coral8 Engine (Coral8)
        Dbdeploy (ThoughtWorks)
        SQL Refactor (Red Gate Software)
     6. Design and Modeling Tools
     Jolt Winner:
        stpBA Storyboarding for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
     Productivity Winners:
        Corticon Business Rules Modeling Studio (Corticon)
        MagicDraw UML (No Magic)
        Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite (DataDirect Technologies)
     7. Development Environments
     Jolt Winner:
        NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems)
     Productivity Winners:
        IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
        IronPython (Microsoft)
        Wolfram Workbench (Wolfram Research)
     8. Enterprise Tools
     Jolt Winner:
        Cape Clear ESB Platform (Cape Clear Software)
     Productivity Winners:
        Liferay Portal (Liferay
        Appistry EAF (Appistry)
        Pentaho Open BI Suite (Pentaho)
     9. Libraries, Frameworks and Components
     Jolt Winner:
        NetAdvantage for .NET (Infragistics)
     Productivity Winners:
        JViews (ILOG)
        .NET Framework 3.0 (Microsoft)
        Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel)
     10. Mobile Development Tools
     Jolt Winner:
        Carbide .c++ Professional Edition (Nokia)
     Productivity Winners:
        Crossfire (AppForge)
        NetBeans Mobility Pack and Sun Java Wireless Tookit (Sun Microsystems)
        Qtopia (Trolltech)
     11. Project Management
     Jolt Winner:
        Rally Enterprise (Rally Software)
     Productivity Winners:
        6th Sense Analytics (6th Sense Analytics)
        Teamwork (Open Lab)
        V1: Agile Enterprise (VersionOne)
     12. Security
     Jolt Winner:
        AppScan (Watchfire)
     Productivity Winners:
        DevInspect (SPI Dynamics)
        Fortify Source Code Analysis (Fortify)
        Metasploit Framework (Metasploit)
     13. Testing
     Jolt Winner:
        AgitarOne (Agitar Software)
     Productivity Winners:
        Mindreef SOAPscope (Mindreef)
        Parasoft SOAtest (Parasoft)
        TestComplete (AutomatedQA)
     14. Bug and Defect Tracking
     Jolt Winner:
        TestTrack Studio (Seapine Software)
     Productivity Winners:
        JIRA (Atlassian Software Systems)
        OnTime 2007 (Axosoft)
        Software Planner Professional (Pragmatic Software)
     15. Utilities
     Jolt Winner:
        VMware Lab Manager (VMware)
     Productivity Winners:
        Adobe Captivate 2 (Adobe)
        ElectricCommander (Electric Cloud)
        Textmate (MacroMates)
     16. Web Development
     Jolt Winner:
        Adobe Flex 2 (Adobe Systems)
     Productivity Winners:
        IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
        Mindreef SOAPscope Server (Mindreef)
        NetBeans Visual Web Pack 5.5 (Sun Microsystems)
     17. Websites and Developer Networks
     Jolt Winner:
        Sun Developer Network (Sun Microsystems)
     Productivity Winners:
        CM Crossroads (CMC Media) (Koders)
        Krugle (Krugle)
     IBM developerWorks
     Complete Jolt Awards details are available at
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