Launches New Online Experience, Making It Easier to Find Product Reviews, Tech News, Safe Downloads, and Videos

New Features Provide Consumers with Simple Navigation, In-Line Buying

Advice, and a Sneak Peek at "CNET Archive"

Aug 28, 2008, 01:00 ET from CNET

    SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- CNET (, where
 people go to discover the latest in tech and consumer electronics, and a
 property of CBS Interactive, today unveiled the "New CNET," an evolution of
 the website that spans everything from its logo, design, and navigation to
 the delivery of product reviews, tech news, and original video programming.
 The new CNET builds upon the site's position as the leading technology
 media brand in the world, making it easier than ever for people to find the
 information they need to stay informed, make smart purchasing decisions,
 and learn about today's digital world.
     "This day marks a major milestone in CNET's 13-year history, by
 delivering a completely fresh experience that encompasses everything from
 the 'look and feel' to the platform that drives the site," said Joe
 Gillespie, executive vice president, CBS Interactive. "During the past
 year, we focused on making changes that would make our site easier to use
 and grow our audience, without compromising the depth, breadth, and
 timeliness of our editorial content. Throughout this process, we continue
 to remain focused on our promise to give people the best experience and
 resource for finding the latest tech news, product reviews, and safe
     In June, the beta version of the site was launched to a small
 percentage of users. During the past three months, more than 15,000 people
 provided their feedback and suggestions to improve the site. Today, many of
 the new features have been fine-tuned to reflect that feedback. At first
 glance, visitors to the website will notice the new logo, color scheme,
 improved search and filtering, and tab navigation, which serve to organize
 information in a consistent manner that makes it easy to find. For example,
 it will be easier to navigate within the news topics of CNET News. Beneath
 the website's surface, CNET moved all its data behind an API (Application
 Programming Interface). This open architecture creates deeper and more
 meaningful engagement with consumers by giving developers open access to
 CNET's content and allowing simple integration of content from advertisers,
 and additional product reviews from partners.
     Features of the "New CNET" include:
     -- New Five-Star Rating -- Allows consumers to quickly compare other
 products while they browse through the reviews. The detailed, 10-point
 analysis will continue to be used by editors during the reviews process and
 lab-testing, and can be viewed by rolling over the star ratings.
     -- In-line Buying Advice -- Streamlines the product research process by
 putting the most relevant information, definitions, and advice from CNET
 editors right in front of the user. For example, when a consumer is looking
 for a TV with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), they will get a
 list of all the different types of TVs with HDMI, along with an in-depth
 explanation of HDMI from CNET's buying guides.
     -- Appliances Coverage -- Extending its editorial expertise into the
 home, CNET now offers editorial coverage of household appliances and
 kitchen gadgets. The Appliances coverage includes products like built-in
 ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, small appliances, stoves and
 ranges, and washers and dryers.
     -- Additional Product Reviews from Around the Web -- Incorporating
 product reviews from premier content partners, consumers will have the
 ability to compare reviews and editorial opinions from around the web all
 on one page.
     -- CNET Archive -- Launching in beta, this comprehensive tech product
 and review database will be useful for people who are considering
 purchasing popular used tech gadgets such as digital cameras and HDTVs, an
 increasingly common trend as the rate of new product releases speeds up.
 The CNET Archive will provide access to more than 2.5 million consumer
 electronics and tech gear since 1998. Additionally, CNET Downloads will
 provide information to more than 1 million archived products, including
 software and games.
     Promotions for the new CNET will run across CBS TV, Radio, and Outdoor,
 including call outs to the new CNET during NFL pre and post shows; CNET
 personality appearances on national and local news programs such as the
 Early Show; CNET promotions in subways and billboards in major markets; and
 an expansive campaign across the CBS Interactive network.
     New Integrated Advertising Opportunities for Marketers
     For 13 years, CNET has been a trusted partner to advertisers in the
 technology and consumer electronics industry, as well as to advertisers in
 the automotive, financial, and consumer package goods categories who value
 technology enthusiasts and want to reach this influential audience. With
 its new API, CNET now gives advertisers the flexibility and speed to create
 campaigns that complement the site's reviews and product information,
 providing a customized and more relevant experience for consumers.
     Integrated advertising opportunities such as content curls and CNET
 storefront will make it easier for advertisers to interact with the CNET
 audience with targeted information on their products. Based on what
 consumers are searching for on CNET, manufacturers can connect with them on
 the most relevant information throughout the comparison shopping process.
     "In an effort to connect with our tech-minded audience who are
 passionate about our products, we worked diligently with the CNET team to
 develop an on- line Samsung experience that demonstrates the innovation and
 differentiation in our consumer electronics," stated Louis Giagrande,
 Senior Online Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics America, "As a
 long-standing partner, we've worked collaboratively on many campaigns that
 provide a destination within the CNET environment to engage their readers.
 We look forward to continue working on innovative campaigns with the
 all-new CNET."
     "Sony has worked with CNET on several online campaigns," said Stuart
 Redsun, senior vice president of corporate marketing at Sony Electronics.
 "We look forward to the new platform."
     About CNET
     CNET (, a property of CBS Interactive, is where people go
 to discover the latest in tech and consumer electronics. Driven by a
 trusted voice and a passionate community, CNET creates an open environment
 for people to find and use the best products to fit their lifestyle. The
 powerful combination of CNET's award-winning news, lab-tested product
 reviews, safe and spyware-free downloads, and user-generated content give
 people information and inspiration to live and thrive in a life gone
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