Collective Media Upgrades Proprietary Targeting Platform, Standardizing Behavioral and Contextual Methodology to Vastly Improve Online Ad Performance

Nov 05, 2007, 00:00 ET from Collective Media

    NEW YORK, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Collective Media, a leading online
 advertising network, today announced it has upgraded AMP, its proprietary
 audience targeting platform to interface with an advanced contextual
 analysis and categorization application from Personifi. AMP is the first
 ever audience targeting platform that standardizes both contextual and
 behavioral targeting, providing a side-by-side, practical comparison for
 advertisers to more accurately compare effectiveness between the two
 targeting options.
     By 2008, the amount advertisers spend on behavioral targeting is
 expected to reach $2.1 billion, representing the fastest growing sector of
 online advertising. However, advertisers remain skeptical and uncertain as
 to how behavioral segments are created and work in comparison to contextual
 advertising. Collective's AMP is the first platform to offer this level of
 unified analysis and transparency.
     Personifi, a leading provider of automated contextual classification
 solutions, partnered with Collective to power AMP, utilizing Personifi's
 unique context-sensing technology to provide more reliable methodologies to
 collect and analyze audience targeting data.
     "Collective is in the business of selling audiences. Obviously, the
 more accurate we pinpoint audiences, the greater value we create for our
 clients," said Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective Media. "With this new
 platform and working closely with Personifi, we gain a clearer
 understanding of how we can increase our clients' success rates through the
 use of contextual and behavioral audience targeting. These capabilities are
 complementary solutions that, when used in combination, provide more
 informed opportunities for advertisers."
     "Personifi and Collective share a commitment to the highest standards
 of quality and have demonstrated expertise in optimizing display media
 opportunities for advertisers," said Frost Prioleau, Chairman and CEO of
 Personifi. "By applying our technology to Collective's platform, we are
 confident that this collaboration will benefit advertisers with more exact
 message placements and increase inventory yield."
     About Collective Media
     Collective Media is a leading online advertising network specializing
 in audience targeting and optimization solutions to increase relevancy and
 yield for both publishers and advertisers, reaching 123 million unique
 users monthly. Collective is comprised exclusively of high quality,
 brand-name publishers offering the largest network of online news sites in
 addition to a wide selection of sites. Collective's innovative approach
 enables both brand and direct marketers to achieve superior results through
 sophisticated audience targeting technology, including context, behavior,
 geographic and re- targeting. Founded in 2005, Collective Media is
 headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco,
 Dallas, Chicago and Detroit.
     About Personifi
     Personifi provides powerful page classification and ad targeting
 solutions that allow ad networks and web publishers to deliver more
 relevant ads to their users. Leveraging a unique mathematical approach,
 Personifi's solutions deliver an unparalleled combination of precision and
 scalability. Applications for Personifi's solutions include content
 classification, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, and ad
 optimization. Personifi is privately funded and headquartered in Fort
 Worth, TX.
     Collective Media
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     Personifi, LP
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