Compaq Computer Corporation Implements MetiLinx iSystem Enterprise Product In Compaq Direct Systems

System Optimization Combined With Utilization and Resource Management Provides

Immediate Benefit for Critical Internet and E-commerce Systems at Compaq

Mar 25, 2002, 00:00 ET from MetiLinx, Inc.

    SAN MATEO, Calif., March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- MetiLinx, Inc., the leading
 provider of integrated optimization and manageability solutions for networked
 server infrastructure, today announced the installation of its MetiLinx
 iSystem Enterprise (iSE) software product into the mission-critical customer
 facing Compaq Direct production environment of Compaq Computer Corporation.
     The MetiLinx iSystem Enterprise (iSE) software product provides a complete
 solution to integrate, monitor, manage and automatically optimize the
 performance of networked servers. With server farms of thousands of servers
 supporting their Internet and e-commerce activities, Compaq intends to use
 MetiLinx iSE to quickly optimize and identify candidates for server
 consolidation. The time, cost and resource savings potential delivered by this
 unique MetiLinx product provide a fundamental piece for Compaq's enterprise
 system management, IT consolidation and optimization needs. The MetiLinx iSE
 product has shown system wide performance (over 40%) through resource
 optimization and increasing enterprise system management since Compaq
 commenced working with MetiLinx in early 2001.
     In addition to optimization of resources, the ability to determine system
 wide resource utilization dynamically iSystem Enterprise solved a server farm
 problem the day of the install. "After installing iSystem Enterprise into the
 Compaq Direct web site, a site that generates millions of dollars of revenue
 for Compaq, we observed part of our Compaq Direct web servers showing a much
 higher resource utilization metric than all of the others," said Leo Angele
 II, Compaq's Technical Analyst of the Compaq Direct Systems. "It was quickly
 determined that an application was tying up all server resources on that part
 of the Compaq Direct system. That problem was immediately resolved while
 maintaining performance and production service at peak levels. The resource
 utilization for that part of the Compaq Direct system returned to the same
 levels as its peers avoiding performance, availability and transactional
 problems before they occurred."
     "This was a significant proof point for Compaq as it clearly demonstrated
 the benefits that the iSystem Enterprise product can have out of the box. We
 are pleased with the progress that we've made and continue to remain convinced
 that we will see increased benefit as we roll more of this solution into our
 environment," said Vercie Lark, Director Internet Services & Operations at
     "The implementation of iSystem Enterprise within Compaq Direct is the
 latest milestone in our successful relationship with MetiLinx." commented
 Robert V. Napier, Senior Vice President Global Business Solutions and CIO of
 Compaq Computer Corporation. Mr. Napier went on to say. "iSE Version 2.7 is
 the culmination of our teams efforts to solve every CIO's need for server farm
 performance improvements, adaptive optimization of critical server resources,
 dynamic performance diagnostics, leading to the ability to do intelligent
 server farm consolidation. As we move beyond critical customer facing web
 services, I believe we will see more opportunities to reduce operational
 expense while improving performance and RAS in areas such as Exchange and ERP
 applications. I have been in the IT profession for 30+ years and this is one
 of those products that I would categorize as break through."
     Compaq's e-commerce activities generated $19.7 Billion in online revenue
 in 2001, ranking them 6th on the Interactive 500 List of top e-commerce
 revenue generating companies. receives more than six million
 visitors a week, making the site one of the most visited IT destinations on
 the entire World Wide Web.
     "The MetiLinx iSE product is configurable to provide system wide
 optimization and integrated system management across multiple operating system
 platforms (Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, Unix) in the enterprise. The product
 delivers performance increases, fault tolerant availability, increased
 reliability and operational cost savings to the Web, Application, Database and
 Networks of your IT systems," says Carlos M. Collazo, Chairman and CEO of
 MetiLinx. "Compaq has made MetiLinx a trusted technology partner by using our
 product in its mission critical Internet and e-commerce systems. Working with
 Compaq has allowed MetiLinx to prove its technology and implement its product
 in one of the leading IT environments in the world. We are proud of our
 relationship with Compaq and grateful for their support and contribution to
 our success."
     About Compaq Computer Corporation
     Founded in 1982, Compaq Computer Corporation ("Compaq") is a leading
 global provider of enterprise technology and solutions. Compaq designs,
 develops, manufactures and markets hardware, software, solutions and services,
 including industry-leading enterprise storage and computing solutions,
 fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, communication products, and
 desktop and portable personal computers that are sold in more than 200
 countries. Information on Compaq and its products and services is available at .
     About MetiLinx, Inc.
     MetiLinx is the leading provider of integrated optimization and
 manageability solutions for networked server infrastructure. Its flagship
 product is iSystem Enterprise (iSE). iSE dynamically analyzes network and
 system resource utilization and provides a real-time view of system and
 overall network performance. MetiLinx iSE uses intelligent and autonomous,
 system-level objects in each server that create a peer-to-peer connection
 among themselves to communicate over 400 different metrics on hardware,
 software and operating system analysis. It works across and integrates all
 major Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well as on Sun Microsystems
 Inc.'s Solaris and Linux. iSE automatically routes transactions to the best
 server available for processing. iSE utilizes the real time analysis to
 provide load balancing and system optimization to web servers, applications
 and databases along with data synchronization and replication for high
 availability systems. MetiLinx is headquartered in San Mateo, California with
 facilities and support in Texas, Florida, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United
 Kingdom. Information on MetiLinx and its products is available at .
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