Complete Your Bathroom With a High-Tech Kohler(R) Toilet Seat

Users love the Cleanliness, Comfort and Convenience provided by KOHLER

C3(TM) toilet seats

Jun 26, 2007, 01:00 ET from Kohler Co.

    KOHLER, Wis., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- When choosing products for their
 bathrooms or powder rooms, homeowners often overlook toilet seats until the
 last minute. When designing the ultimate bathroom, no space is complete
 without a high-tech toilet seat from Kohler Co., the global leader in
 kitchen and bath design and technology.
     "Our latest toilet seat is special in that it provides numerous
 experiential benefits," says David Kohler, Executive Vice President -Kohler
 Co. "We call it the C3 seat because it addresses three important areas that
 today's homeowners wouldn't expect from a toilet seat -- cleanliness,
 comfort and convenience."
     For decades, faucets, baths and showers have been commonplace in the
 bathroom for daily routine cleaning. With the C3 toilet seat, Kohler has
 seamlessly infused "bidet" functionality, making it easier for people to
 enjoy the benefits of water-based cleaning.
     While the toilet seat is equipped with cleansing wands that provide
 water as a refreshing, cleaning alternative to toilet tissue, it should not
 be confused as being akin to the traditional bidet fixture, which is often
 installed adjacent to the toilet. That means homeowners do not need to
 factor additional space in their bathrooms to accommodate a separate bidet
 fixture. The benefit of incorporating bidet functionality right into the
 toilet seat means homeowners can use it in any size bathroom or powder
 room. Moreover, it is designed to fit elongated toilets so homeowners can
 easily incorporate the C3 toilet seat on their existing toilets.
     "We stayed away from simply calling this product a bidet seat, because
 it's so much more than that. Water-based cleaning is just one of the many
 features of this advanced product," adds David Kohler.
     In addition to two cleansing wands providing warm aerated water, the C3
 toilet seat also features a heated seat with three temperature settings; a
 warm-air fan for partial drying; a lighted bowl that eliminates the need to
 turn on a light at night; a deodorizer that minimizes unpleasant odors; a
 Quiet-Close(TM) seat/cover that prevents slamming; and Quick-Release(TM)
 hinges to easily remove the seat for cleaning.
     The water-based cleaning of the KOHLER C3 toilet seat offers increased
 comfort and improves overall wellness in a way that using toilet tissue
 alone does not.
     "When I consult with my clients on health and wellness and just taking
 better care of themselves, I use an approach called the Wellness Wheel,"
 says Judi Ulrey, President of Fitness Consulting, Inc. "Each spoke of this
 wheel contributes to one's overall wellness -- diet, exercise,
 spirituality, mental health and hygiene. I am a believer in the benefits of
 the KOHLER C3 toilet seat. It may be even more beneficial for today's
 actively aging population and those who have physical limitations or
 medical conditions requiring extra hygiene attention, but certainly, it is
 a product everyone should have."
     KOHLER C3 toilet seats are available in two models: (1) the C3-200
 toilet seat which offers a convenient remote control and an in-line heater;
 (2) and the C3-100 toilet seat which utilizes a side control panel and
 provides a built-in tank heater to supply warm water. Because the features
 of KOHLER C3 toilet seats are driven by electricity, homeowners or builders
 need to install a 110-volt, GFCI outlet behind the toilet so they can
 seamlessly incorporate these new toilet seats into their bathroom.
     "Once you've tried the C3 toilet seat, you'll never go without it,"
 adds Ulrey. "In addition to health and wellness, I am also a licensed real
 estate agent and when talking with custom homebuilders and homebuyers, I
 tell them that this toilet seat is a must for their master bathrooms. Why
 not pamper yourself with a product such as this one!"
     To use KOHLER C3 toilet seats, users choose one of two extending wands
 to receive gentle, personalized cleansing better than the use of toilet
 tissue on its own. The back wand is designed for the whole family. The
 front wand is designed for the needs of women and offers a softer water
     Both wands -- which are constructed of anti-microbial material --
 undergo a self-cleaning process before and after each use to ensure
 complete hygienic performance. The wands are controlled by the user to
 offer varying levels of either an oscillating or pulsating water flow and
 can be precisely positioned for optimum user comfort. The water temperature
 of C3 toilets seats is controlled by the user and both seat rings are
 heated for added comfort.
     An attractive, useful feature for both models is a soft blue light that
 illuminates the bowl, allowing users the option of keeping bright lights
 off when making nighttime trips to the bathroom.
     Additionally, the seats feature Quiet-Close functionality to close the
 seat slowly with just a slight touch to eliminate lid slamming, and
 convenient Quick-Release hinges to remove the seat without the use of tools
 for easier cleaning of the seat and the area around the seat bolts.
     The C3-200 toilet seat has some additional features and functionality
 not found on the C3-100 toilet seat. Functions on the C3-200 toilet seat
 can be preset to suit individual preferences with a push of the button on
 the remote control. Another benefit of the C3-200 toilet seat is the warm
 air feature -- used upon completion of the hydro-cleansing cycle to
 initiate partial drying -- which offers different air temperatures and
 speeds that are also controlled by the user. Additionally, the C3-200
 features a deodorizer that eliminates odors by drawing air through a
 built-in filter.
     For more information about KOHLER C3 toilet seats, visit or call toll-free at 1-800-4-KOHLER.
     Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wis., Kohler Co. is one of
 America's oldest and largest privately held companies. Kohler is a global
 leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bath products, engines and power
 generation systems, cabinetry, tile and home interiors, and international
 host to award-winning hospitality and world-class golf destinations.

SOURCE Kohler Co.