Computer Associates Delivers Intelligent eBusiness Management for Linux Platform

CA's Unicenter TNG Performance Neugents Ensure Optimal

eBusiness Service Levels on Popular Open Source Operating System

Jan 31, 2001, 00:00 ET from Computer Associates International, Inc.

    ISLANDIA, N.Y., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer Associates International,
 Inc. (CA) today announced Unicenter TNG Performance Neugents for Linux,
 further extending the scope of Unicenter TNG's unique predictive management
 capabilities to ensure higher eBusiness performance, availability, and service
 levels across the enterprise.  The announcement was made at LinuxWorld in New
 York City.
     Unicenter TNG Performance Neugents for Linux utilize CA's patented
 Neugents technology to automatically detect atypical behaviors or conditions
 on monitored Linux systems -- regardless of how subtle those anomalies may be.
 eBusiness managers can now predict and discover potential problems on Linux
 servers before services are adversely affected.  This unique predictive
 capability enables organizations to achieve the highest levels of service and
 customer satisfaction within their eBusiness environments.
     "With business applications becoming increasingly complex and mission-
 critical in nature, it is essential for IT staffs to proactively predict and
 address performance and availability problems before any downtime occurs,"
 said Audrey Rasmussen, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates, a
 Boulder, Colo. based analyst firm specializing in next generation business
 infrastructure management.  "Computer Associates has recognized this challenge
 and has implemented an innovative strategy to address these issues in the
 Linux environment.  By extending its Unicenter TNG performance Neugents
 capabilities beyond traditional platforms, along with other management
 solutions, Computer Associates is supporting their commitments toward the Open
 Source Community."
     Unicenter TNG Performance Neugents enable intelligent management of the
 eBusiness infrastructure by learning and adapting to individual system
 dynamics and changes that occur over time.  As IT environments continue to
 expand in size and complexity, Unicenter TNG Performance Neugents can
 substantially simplify operations and reduce overhead through problem
 prediction and precise root-cause analysis.
     Anniston Army Depot is designated the Enterprise Management Center of
 Excellence for the Army and other defense agencies.  The most important
 business need at Anniston is to keep the mission critical information up and
 running at maximum availability.  Prior to Unicenter TNG, Anniston experienced
 a lower than expected problem resolution rate and needed to increase the level
 of support to their customers. Unicenter TNG and Performance Neugents gave the
 depot the solution it was seeking.  Knowing when, where, why and how potential
 problems are likely to occur enables depot specialists to raise service levels
 and meet customer demands.
     Unicenter TNG provides a single point of control for managing all of the
 resources critical to eBusiness processes including systems, networks,
 applications, databases, the Internet, non-IT devices and more.  Unicenter TNG
 Performance Neugents deliver unique predictive capabilities that further
 enhance manageability and ensure unparalleled service for eBusiness.
     "Our customers are telling us that Linux is an integral part of their
 eBusiness strategy," said John Pincomb, CA divisional vice president,
 marketing.  "They are demanding smart solutions that ensure availability and
 performance around the clock, no matter what.  Performance Neugents can help
 them achieve that goal with minimal demand on staff resources."
     Available under CA's new simplified licensing model, the latest release of
 Unicenter TNG Performance Neugents also supports a wide range of eBusiness
 platforms including Windows NT, UNIX, and OS/390.
     Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE:   CA) delivers the most
 advanced and comprehensive portfolio of software solutions that manage
 eBusiness. CA has more than 18,000 employees worldwide and had revenue in
 excess of $6 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2000.  For more
 information, visit
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