Connie Chung, Mary Tyler Moore, Diane Sawyer Chosen Among 50 Most Influential Women in Radio and Television by AWRT

Aug 30, 2001, 01:00 ET from Andrews McMeel Publishing

    KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Such celebrated names as Connie
 Chung, Mary Tyler Moore and Diane Sawyer are among the list of the 50 Greatest
 Women in Radio and Television compiled by American Women in Radio and
 Television (AWRT).
     To highlight the accomplishments of these women and to celebrate its 50th
 anniversary, AWRT, the oldest professional organization in support of women in
 electronic media, has released Making Waves: The 50 Greatest Women in Radio
 and Television ($27.95, Andrews McMeel Publishing), which is available in
 bookstores and online.
     Making Waves features the intriguing life stories of these women along
 with more than 150 black-and-white photos, many of which have never before
 been published.  With anticipated favorites like Dr. Joyce Brothers, Carol
 Burnett, Lucille Ball, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey,
 AWRT's list also includes a variety of women whose accomplishments are not
 always headline news.
     Cathy Liggins Hughes, founder and chairperson of Radio One, Inc., who is
 consistently named one of the most influential women in radio, succeeded in
 creating the largest African-American Radio group in the United States.
 Geraldine Laybourne, who became president of Disney/ABC Cable Networks and
 helped Nickelodeon become the top-rated 24-hour cable programming service, is
 on the list along with Ida Lupino, one of the few women television directors
 in the 1950s and 60s whose work included Gunsmoke, The Untouchables, The
 Fugitive, and Bewitched.
     "The women on our list not only broke down doors in a profession initially
 closed to women, but once in, they used their intelligence, creativity, hard
 work, and dedication to expand the definition of what television and radio can
 do," says Nancy J. Logan, AWRT national president.
     AWRT will honor these women at a book launch celebration on Thursday,
 October 25 in New York City.  Event attendees who will read personal passages
 from their stories include Dr. Joyce Brothers, Sylvia Chase, Julia Child,
 Connie Chung, Katie Couric, Linda Ellerbee, Diane English, Phyllis George,
 Mary Tyler Moore, Cokie Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Lesley Stahl and Susan
     AWRT's list of all 50 women includes: Gracie Allen, Christiane Amanpour,
 Lucille Ball, Candice Bergen, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Dorothy Stimson Bullitt,
 Carol Burnett, Diahnn Carroll, Marcy Carsey, Peggy Charren, Sylvia Chase,
 Julia Child, Connie Chung.
     Also, Joan Ganz Cooney, Katie Couric, Nancy Dickerson, Phyllis Diller,
 Linda Ellerbee, Diane English, Pauline Frederick, Dorothy Fuldheim, Phyllis
 George, Catherine Liggins Hughes, Anne Ashenhurst Hummert, Charlayne Hunter-
 Gault, Kay Koplovitz, Geraldine Laybourne, Shari Lewis, Ida Lupino, Penny
 Marshall, Mary Margaret McBride, Judy McGrath, Edyth Meserand, Mary Tyler
     Others on the list are Jane Pauley, Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, Irna Phillips,
 Cokie Roberts, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marlene Sanders, Diane Sawyer, Dinah Shore,
 Lesley Stahl, Susan Stamberg, Martha Stewart, Marlo Thomas, Dorothy Thompson,
 Lily Tomlin, Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey.
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SOURCE Andrews McMeel Publishing