Constellation Wines U.S. Releases Results of Landmark Consumer Study

Project Genome(SM) Reveals Much About Premium Wine Consumers' Motivations,


Oct 25, 2005, 01:00 ET from Constellation Wines U.S.

    NEW YORK, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Constellation Wines has announced the
 results of Project Genome(SM), one of the largest consumer research projects
 ever conducted by the wine industry.  The online study of more than 3,500
 premium wine consumers indicates that there is no typical wine consumer;
 rather, consumers tend to fall into six unique segments, each with its own set
 of attributes, motivations, preferences and shopping behaviors.
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     The results include fresh insight on premium wine consumers' drinking and
 buying habits and on psychological and lifestyle factors. It will have wide-
 ranging impact on wine sales by retailers and on-premise establishments in
 areas ranging from packaging, advertising and customer education to grocery
 displays and restaurant wine lists.
     "These findings give us a dramatic, new level of understanding into
 consumers' wine preferences and needs -- and represent bold new opportunities
 for the U.S. wine industry to be more relevant to our consumers," said Jose
 Fernandez, president and CEO of Constellation Wines U.S.  "Just as the Human
 Genome Project was about understanding the DNA of the human body, we named our
 research study Project Genome(SM) because we wanted to elevate our
 understanding of premium wine consumers.
     "As the industry leader in premium wines, we believe that this landmark
 study will benefit consumers by providing insight that will help make wine
 more accessible and approachable. It's an exciting, fast-moving time in the
 premium wine business, and this knowledge can really bring winemakers,
 retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers closer together than ever before."
     According to the study, conducted by Copernicus Marketing Consulting and
 Research, Inc., premium wine consumers surveyed fell into six segments:
 Enthusiast, Image Seeker, Savvy Shopper, Traditionalist, Satisfied Sipper and
     Enthusiasts are consumers who are passionate about the entire wine
 experience from researching what they buy to sharing their discoveries with
 friends and family.  Image Seekers feel sophisticated on one hand and
 adventurous and trendy on the other hand -- they are just as likely to choose
 wine with sophisticated labels as wine with fun, image-driven labels. Savvy
 Shoppers seek great wines at a great value; they enjoy drinking and shopping
 for wine and believe that good wines need not cost a lot of money.
 Traditionalists want to feel that their wine is made by a well-known winery
 that's been around for a long time, while Satisfied Sippers look for a
 sensible choice they can feel comfortable serving to friends and family.
     Overwhelmed consumers, who make up the largest group, 23 percent, find
 shopping for wine complex and worry about making a mistake. Good shelf
 descriptions and retail and wait staff recommendations play a key role in
 their purchase decisions.
     Participants were asked more than 100 questions about their recent wine-
 buying habits, lifestyle, hobbies and more. Questions were wide-ranging on
 everything from gardening and entertaining to TV habits and travel.
     To participate in the study, consumers must have purchased one or more 750
 ml bottles of wine with a price of $5 or more per 750ml bottle or $9 or more
 for a 1.5 liter bottle, or a premium 3L box, within 30 days of the survey.
 Data was collected on retail purchase occasions representing more than 7,400
 bottles of wine, and on-premise drinking occasions representing more than
 3,400 bottles or glasses of wine.
     Results of the study clearly point to new opportunities. For example,
 understanding that nearly one in four premium wine consumers is "overwhelmed"
 can inspire creative new approaches to everything from "how-to" in-store
 displays to novice-friendly restaurant wine lists.
     "Everybody wins with this sort of research," said Fernandez. "Our retail
 and on-premise partners will now have even better insights into their
 customers and that can only lead to increased sales and more satisfied
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