Continental, Official Airline of the New York Football Giants, Helps Fans Get Ready For Their Trip to the Biggest Football Game of the Year

Test your Giants/Continental knowledge with our quiz below

Jan 28, 2008, 00:00 ET from Continental Airlines

    NEWARK, N.J., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Continental Airlines
 (NYSE:   CAL) is helping New York Giants fans prepare for the big game in
 Phoenix by holding a "tailgate celebration" at Newark Liberty International
 Airport prior to flight departures this week.
     Continental, Official Airline of the New York Football Giants, provides
 up to six nonstop flights per day between New York/Newark and Phoenix.
 These trips, plus connecting service via Houston and Cleveland, are heavily
 booked with football fans excited to be a part of the action leading up to
 Sunday's match-up on professional football's biggest stage.
     On Thursday and Friday, Continental will celebrate the New York Giants'
 conference title at Newark Liberty gates where Phoenix flights are
 departing. A team of Continental employee volunteers is putting together a
 "Big Blue" send-off, complete with scheduled Giants alumni appearances by
 Sean Landeta, Karl Nelson, Bill Ard and Stephen Baker, complimentary hot
 dogs and refreshments, decorated terminals and Giants season highlights,
 which will be shown on a pair of 42-inch AQUOS LCD TVs provided by Sharp
     "With our hub located almost right next to Giants Stadium at The
 Meadowlands Sports Complex, we're hearing a lot of football buzz among our
 co-workers and customers as Sunday draws closer," said Jon Roitman, hub
 vice president. "We are going to add to the excitement by honoring the
 conference champion Giants right here in the airport as we send off all our
 flights to Phoenix."
     Roitman noted that Continental is also welcoming football fans on its
 flights from six New England states. "Our playbook says that we are the
 Official Airline of the New York Giants, but this week any football fan is
 welcome in the huddle at Continental," Roitman added.
     The Continental Newark Liberty "Go Giants" Committee provides the
 following quiz for you to test your knowledge about football and the Giants
 -- and Continental.
Giants/Continental Quiz (Answers provided below) 1. Which is wider: the wingspan of a Boeing 777 or the distance between sidelines of a football field? 2. Which can hold more people: the BusinessFirst cabin on a Boeing 777 or the active roster for an NFL football team? 3. Which has more seats: the entire fleet of Continental mainline aircraft or Giants Stadium? 4. Not counting Foxboro, which is kind of near Boston, what is the one city on the 2007 Giants overall away-game schedule (including pre-season & post-season) where Continental does not currently provide service but where new Continental Express service is planned for later in 2008? 5. In the 2007 regular season, the Giants played road games versus Miami and Dallas. Which one was a longer flight from New York? 6. Which one of the following words is not commonly used in both football and airline lingo: Touchdown; Safety; Schedule; Field; Donuts; Holding; Uniform; Completion Percentage. 7. What team won the NFL title in the year Continental was founded, 1934? 8. What gate do you go to if the airport agent tells you your departure is from Gate XLII? 9. What state is home to both the New York Giants and Continental's New York hub? 10. If you mixed Continental's corporate colors with the Giants' team colors, what combination would you have? a. green, blue and gold b. blue, red and gold c. purple and black d. red, brown and blue Answers: 1. Boeing 777 wingspan is wider at at least 199-feet, 11-inches; football field is 160 feet wide. 2. 777 BusinessFirst holds more with at least 48 seats; NFL roster can hold 46 active players. 3. Giants Stadium has more with 80,242 seats compared to approximately 57,700 in the Continental mainline fleet. 4. Green Bay; new service from Cleveland effective April 6. 5. Miami; the game was played in London, England. 6. The word "Donuts" does not belong in this list. 7. The Giants! 8. Gate 42. 9. New Jersey. 10. b. Continental is blue and gold. Giants are blue and red.

SOURCE Continental Airlines