Continuity Software Announces DR Assurance Service

New Service Ideal for Information Security and Business Continuity

Professionals Responsible for Data Protection, Business Continuity and

Disaster Recovery (DR) Initiatives

Feb 12, 2008, 00:00 ET from Continuity Software

    BOSTON and TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuity
 Software(TM), a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM)
 solutions, today announced the release of its new DR Assurance(TM) service,
 intended to make protecting data and ensuring disaster recovery (DR) easier
 than ever. By combining the powerful capabilities of its RecoverGuard(TM)
 disaster recovery testing and monitoring software, with the expertise of
 its DR Specialists, customers can virtually "set and forget" yet still
 ensure production environment and DR site data is always protected and
 highly available.
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     As with all standard RecoverGuard installations, the DR Assurance
 service deployment typically occurs in just one hour, after which it
 immediately begins scanning the customer's storage, database, servers and
 replication configurations for risks such as unprotected databases or
 database partitions, noncompliant replication configurations, data that
 cannot be recovered to a valid consistency point, and much more. Daily
 statistics, tickets and event notifications are sent directly to the
 Continuity Software DR Specialists Team for review and analysis, as opposed
 to the customer's internal IT staff. When a problem is detected that will
 impact recoverability, a Continuity Software DR Specialist will alert the
 appropriate individuals at the customer site and provide details on the
 issue, as well as recommendations on how best to resolve. In addition,
 monthly and/or quarterly, as well as year-end, summary reports are provided
 with in-depth information on every issue that occurred and its associated
     "Even the most advanced data centers in the world -- those that are
 spending millions of dollars on disaster recovery technology -- only
 conduct a DR audit once or twice a year, on average. While virtually all DR
 audits identify issues which the company can then resolve, new issues will
 arise tomorrow, next week, or next month, and their DR strategy can once
 again be rendered ineffective," said Arun Taneja, Senior Analyst and
 Founder, The Taneja Group. "This is not news. Most of the industry has been
 aware of this fact for some time. However, there wasn't a viable solution
 -- until now. RecoverGuard's ability to detect all configuration gaps and
 vulnerabilities, long before a disaster strikes, gives customers a
 proactive way to ensure their deployed DR strategy works as designed.
 Moreover, the ability for customers to fully leverage RecoverGuard's
 capabilities as a service allows them to reap all the benefits of the
 solution, without any additional effort or reallocation of resources."
     "We have been more than delighted with the customer response to our
 RecoverGuard software solution since its release. We believe it serves as
 confirmation that today's IT professionals view data protection, disaster
 recovery and business continuity as the cornerstones of any successful IT
 strategy," said Gil Hecht, Founder and CEO of Continuity Software. "While
 these customers quickly appreciate the added value the DR Assurance service
 is able to deliver, the new service is also extraordinarily attractive to
 Business Continuity Professionals and Information Security Officers that
 have ultimate responsibility for their organization's data protection,
 regulations compliance and business continuity initiatives, but are often
 times non- technical business-oriented executives."
     About Continuity Software
     Continuity Software(TM) is a leading provider of Disaster Recovery
 Management (DRM) solutions. Its RecoverGuard(TM) software mitigates data
 protection and disaster recovery (DR) risks by detecting replication
 infrastructure gaps and configuration vulnerabilities between a customer's
 primary production and disaster recovery sites. With RecoverGuard software,
 customers can now confidently validate their DR strategy, and ultimately,
 ensure their business continuity and data protection goals. For further
 information, please visit:, email:, or call: 888-782-8170 (United States) or
 +972.9.962.0600 (Israel).
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