Continuity Software Launches RecoverGuard Version 2.0

Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Solution Helps Customers Detect and

Correct DR Threats Faster and More Easily than Ever Before - Ensuring

Regulations Compliance, Data Protection and Business Continuity

Nov 19, 2007, 00:00 ET from Continuity Software

    BOSTON and TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuity
 Software(TM), a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM)
 solutions, today announced the release of the newest version of its
 RecoverGuard(TM) disaster recovery testing and monitoring software.
 RecoverGuard version 2.0 features significant enhancements to its
 configuration wizard, dashboard, reporting infrastructure and gap detection
 engine, which will enable customers to identify and correct disaster
 recovery (DR) threats, faster and more easily than ever before.
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     New in RecoverGuard v2.0:
     -- Configuration Wizard -- allows software installation to occur in just
        one hour.  For both customers and channel partners, this means a fast
        and easy install after initial purchase, as well as in the future
        (i.e., adding a new datacenter).  In addition, the configuration wizard
        now includes full heterogeneous support (storage, servers and
        applications), auto-discovery, auto-validation (credentials) and auto
        detection (change management).
     -- Dashboard -- provides IT executives with greater understanding and
        control of their DR environment via an interactive, comprehensive and
        easy to use GUI.  The dashboard is also highly customizable and can be
        prioritized by application and/or business function.
     -- Reporting Infrastructure -- provides IT executives with greater
        flexibility and faster delivery of ticket notifications, which in turn,
        means faster issue resolution.  Ticket summaries can now be delivered
        via email on a preset schedule.  The reporting format can also be
        customized (i.e., Microsoft Word, .pdf, and/or Excel spreadsheet), as
        well as integrated into most reporting/monitoring systems.
     -- Gap Detection Engine -- Over 1,600 infrastructure gaps and
        vulnerabilities (i.e., signatures) now recognized.
     "RecoverGuard has provided our customers with the ability to conduct
 most of the DR tests necessary on their data protection infrastructure, in
 a completely automatic, transparent and cost effective fashion," said David
 Nolan, Founder and CEO, Fusion Risk Management, a leader in the IT Risk
 Program Management and IT Compliance Management markets. "The enhancements
 will provide customers with even faster and more convenient delivery of
 insight into their data protection and recovery environments, which will
 help them to respond to issues proactively -- before disaster strikes, thus
 enhancing overall program maturity to 'best practices' levels."
     "The ability to continuously monitor and identify DR gaps will be very
 appealing to most IT executives," said John Webster, Principal IT Advisor
 with Illuminata. "It is therefore very likely that in the not too distant
 future, disaster recovery management (DRM) solutions, such as RecoverGuard,
 will become a de facto standard for all business-critical computing
 environments, much like anti-virus software is today."
     "Based upon the success of the first release of RecoverGuard and the
 feedback we received from the field, we further simplified and streamlined
 the product's deployment process to support the needs of both our channel
 partners and direct customers, across all technical levels," said Gil
 Hecht, Founder and CEO of Continuity Software. "The configuration wizard,
 dashboard, reporting infrastructure and gap detection engine updates, now
 standard with every RecoverGuard deployment, provide customers with
 significant value. Customers can now detect and correct DR vulnerabilities
 faster and more easily than ever before, and consequently, confidently
 ensure regulations compliance, data protection and ongoing business
     About Continuity Software
     Continuity Software(TM) is a leading provider of Disaster Recovery
 Management (DRM) solutions. Its RecoverGuard(TM) software mitigates data
 protection and disaster recovery (DR) risks by detecting replication
 infrastructure gaps and configuration vulnerabilities between a customer's
 primary production and disaster recovery sites. With RecoverGuard software,
 customers can now confidently validate their DR strategy, and ultimately,
 ensure their business continuity and data protection goals. For further
 information, please visit:, email:, or call: 888-782-8170 (United States) or
 +972.9.962.0600 (Israel).
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