Continuity Software Launches U.S. Operations with Boston Headquarters and New York Sales Office

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RecoverGuard(TM) Software and Announces First U.S. Strategic Channel

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Jun 11, 2007, 01:00 ET from Continuity Software

    BOSTON, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuity Software(TM), a leading
 provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) solutions, today announced
 it has launched operations in the United States, with a Boston headquarters
 office and a New York sales office, to support the data protection needs of
 U.S. customers. In conjunction with the U.S. company launch, the company
 formally introduced its RecoverGuard(TM) software, replication
 infrastructure gaps and configuration vulnerabilities detection solution.
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     RecoverGuard software is a groundbreaking Disaster Recovery Management
 (DRM) solution that detects gaps (i.e., configuration errors) and
 infrastructure vulnerabilities in real-time, in order to eliminate the risk
 of data loss or corruption in the face of a natural or manmade disaster.
 RecoverGuard's unique ability to understand the relationships and
 interdependencies between IT infrastructure elements and the disaster
 recovery (DR) replication environment ensures that all production
 configuration changes are successfully applied to the remote hot site. With
 RecoverGuard, customers can now automate and validate the most critical
 aspect of their DR environment - ultimately ensuring their business
 protection goals.
     "The business risk associated with non-recoverable recoveries is almost
 incalculable," said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, Enterprise
 Strategy Group (ESG). "If standard local backup recoveries fail at a rate
 of 20% plus, remote recoveries are probably two-to-three times that - and
 finding out during a real-time crisis is no way to live."
     "Until now, there has simply been no realistic visibility into a full
 remote recovery operation. With all the interdependencies and such limited
 test capabilities, even the largest companies in the world really don't
 know if they will be able to recover from a significant outage," added Bob
 Laliberte, analyst, ESG. "Products such as Continuity Software's
 RecoverGuard are long overdue, and should help shine light on the faults
 that keep critical recoveries from happening, well before a crisis."
     Continuity Software also announced today, its first U.S. strategic
 channel partner, Fusion Risk Management, a leader in delivering end-to-end
 solutions that fuse regulatory compliance, security, disaster recovery, and
 business continuity requirements.
     "We at Fusion Risk Management recognize that while the vulnerabilities
 and threats companies face are endless, the funds to address them are not,"
 said David Nolan, founder and CEO, Fusion Risk Management. "By working with
 Continuity Software, we can offer a means by which customers can ensure
 that their information protection and recovery program is effective,
 efficient, and economical."
     "Today, few would argue the need for a reliable and verifiable disaster
 recovery infrastructure and strategy. However, while most IT executives
 will state that they indeed have one in place, when asked if they truly
 trust it to protect their information and applications in the face of a
 natural or manmade disaster, many will reluctantly admit that they hope
 they never truly need to find out," said Gil Hecht, founder and CEO,
 Continuity Software. "Our conversations with these customers are simple. We
 offer them the opportunity to run our software for 48 hours, after which we
 will provide a report detailing all of the problems in their DR
 environment. 100% of the time, we are able to identify vulnerabilities and
 'gaps,' or areas where when changes were made to the production
 environment, they were not appropriately implemented at the DR site."
     The Continuity software RecoverGuard No-Risk Assessment offers
 customers the opportunity to deploy RecoverGuard on up to 30 servers, for
 48 hours. At the end of the 48 hours, a comprehensive report is delivered
 to the customer that details such areas as the complete topology and
 navigational model of the datacenter and DR environment, a thorough
 description of the risks and threats to the production and DR environments,
 an all-inclusive list of optimization opportunities, as well as an SLA
     Hecht continued, "At this point, given the choice between inevitable
 data loss if faced with a disaster versus the implementation of a
 non-intrusive, scalable, easy-to-deploy, and cost effective disaster
 recovery management solution, the decision is easy."
     RecoverGuard software is generally available. It is sold on an annual
 license basis.
     Continuity Software Management Expertise
     The Continuity Software management team is comprised of seasoned
 professionals possessing in-depth experience with the unique challenges
 inherent in building a world-class business continuity strategy, in the
 public, private, and government sectors.
     Gil Hecht, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
     Gil Hecht has served as CEO of Continuity Software since founding the
 company in 2005. He is responsible for setting the vision for the company
 in order to maintain its leadership position in the Disaster Recovery
 Management (DRM) space. Prior to founding Continuity Software, Mr. Hecht
 was the founder, chairman, and CEO of Savantis Systems, the leading
 provider of database virtualization solutions. Before founding Savantis,
 Mr. Hecht served as vice president of business development for Aladdin
 Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq:  ALDN), a market leader in Software Security. He
 originally joined Aladdin as a research and development (R&D) manager,
 during which time he was responsible for the conception and development of
 several of its successful commercial products.
     Steve Santos, Vice President of Sales
     With over 20 years of senior sales management experience in the IT
 industry, Steve Santos currently serves as vice president of sales for
 Continuity Software. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Santos held the
 position of vice president of sales and channels at Revivio, Inc. (acquired
 by Symantec), the world's leading provider of continuous data protection
 (CDP) solutions. During his tenure at Revivio, he was responsible for
 leading the company's go-to-market strategy, and for driving its direct
 sales, channel program, and OEM partnership efforts. Prior to Revivio, he
 spent over five years at Dothill Systems, a publicly traded, leading
 network storage provider, where he was responsible for the North American
 sales organization and was instrumental in helping the company grow to US
 $250M in revenues. Previously, Mr. Santos was vice president of sales and
 marketing for East Coast Electronics, a custom, application-server startup,
 where he oversaw direct and channel sales and was responsible for growing
 revenues from zero to US $37M in just 5 years.
     Doron Pinhas, Vice President, Field Operations
     With over 17 years of experience in data storage and information
 management, real-time applications, operating system design and
 development, as well as open systems and networking architecture
 definition, Doron Pinhas has held the position of vice president of field
 operations since joining Continuity Software in 2005. Prior to joining the
 company, Mr. Pinhas spent over eight years with Xpert Integrated Systems
 LTD., a leading Israeli systems integrator (SI). First holding the position
 of COO, he was later responsible for launching Xpert's highly successful
 Business Continuity Solutions division. Prior to joining Xpert, Mr. Pinhas
 served in the Israeli Defense Force for over 10 years as a senior product
 developer and system architect, retiring as a Major.
     Yacov Zakai, Vice President, Research & Development
     Yacov (Yaki) Zakai has served as vice president, research and
 development, since joining Continuity Software in 2005. Prior to joining
 the company, Mr. Zakai held the position of vice president, research and
 development (R&D) of NexPerience, a leading innovator in Mobile User
 Experience Assurance solutions. Prior to joining NexPerience, Mr. Zakai
 held senior R&D management positions with Mercury Interactive
 (Nasdaq:  MERQ), a global leader in Business Technology Optimization, where
 he was responsible for leading the development efforts for several of the
 company's most successful product lines; and with Motorola Semiconductor.
     About Continuity Software
     Continuity Software(TM) is a leading provider of Disaster Recovery
 Management (DRM) solutions. Its revolutionary RecoverGuard(TM) software
 mitigates data protection and disaster recovery (DR) risks by detecting
 replication infrastructure gaps and configuration vulnerabilities between
 customers' primary production and disaster recovery sites. With
 RecoverGuard software, customers can now confidently validate their DR
 strategy, and ultimately, ensure their business continuity and data
 protection goals. For further information, please visit:, email:, or call:
 888-782-8170 (United States) or +972-9-962-0600 (Israel).
     Continuity Software and RecoverGuard is a trademark of Continuity
 Software. All other brand and product names in this announcement may be
 trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
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     Continuity Software

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