Conversion Solutions, Inc. and Georgia Aerospace Systems Announces Formation of New Corporation

Aug 31, 2005, 01:00 ET from Conversion Solutions, Inc.

    KENNESAW, Ga., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Conversion Solutions,
 Inc. (OTC: CVSU) and Georgia Aerospace Systems (GAS), announces that the
 companies have entered into an agreement to form a new company called American
 International Smart Structures, Inc. (AISS, a Georgia Corporation).
     "The formation of American International Smart Structures is just a sample
 of the vision of management from Georgia Aerospace and CVSU and we are very
 pleased to be participating.  The contributed defense contract by Georgia
 Aerospace to AISS will ensure the profitability and success of this venture,"
 stated Rufus Paul Harris, CEO, CVSU.
     Ben Stanley, COO, CVSU stated, "This Venture is only the first of many
 that we are currently reviewing that will greatly enhance our shareholders
 value, help stimulate the economy by providing jobs to Americans and provide
 advanced security to America."
     "Georgia Aerospace is excited about the 40% equity position of Conversion
 Solutions in this venture. The great leadership at Conversion will bring
 excellent financial credentials with their Wall Street knowledge and exposure
 to the new entity AISS," stated Dr. Thomas Mensah, inventor, CEO and Founder
 of Georgia Aerospace Systems.
     "The investment dollars that this equity brings will allow AISS to grow
 organically as well as through acquisitions to help us explore tremendous
 opportunities in advanced composite structures for aircraft and marine
 applications as well as homeland security. The infusion of capital will allow
 us to execute our business plan flawlessly." Dr. Mensah continued, "In
 addition to the traditional areas as detailed in our business, we will be
 looking to expand into novel areas like advanced Nanotube composite structure
 manufacturing. The company will be providing contracted engineering services
 to the Department of Defense as well as embedded sensors for Homeland
     "The Pentagon is implementing Network Centric Operations (NCO) which
 involves linking all means of command, control, communications, computers,
 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.  Georgia Aerospace Systems and
 American International Smart Structures are postured to become a major
 technology provider in Network Centric Operations with products like embedded
 sensors. The technology will be compatible with the Global Information Grid to
 provide real time information to the war fighter," stated Major General John
 Phillips, head of Defense markets for Georgia Aerospace Systems.
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 CVSU's main service will be to acquire, fund and provide insurance to target
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 finance market. Our funding will enable our businesses to compete more
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