Corning, Gore and Siecor Demonstrate Capability of Next Generation Multimode Fiber at 1 and 10 Gigabits Per Second

Jan 17, 2000, 00:00 ET from Corning Incorporated

    CORNING, N.Y., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Corning Incorporated (NYSE:   GLW),
 W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., and Siecor announced today the results of
 further testing of cabled Corning(R) next generation prototype multimode
 fiber.  Successful demonstration of serial transmission at both 1 and 10
 gigabits per second (Gb/s) was achieved with Corning(R) multimode fiber using
 Gore's high-speed 850nm vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)
 technology.  The fiber, best suited for high-speed transmission at Gigabit
 Ethernet (GbE) speeds or higher, is a prototype 50?m InfiniCor(TM) fiber
 optimized for 850nm operation.
     In August 1999, Corning and Gore achieved an industry first -- 600 meter
 serial transmission at 10 Gb/s over Corning(R) multimode fiber using a Gore
 VCSEL.  Utilizing the knowledge gained from this and other testing, Corning
 can now produce a robust, highly repeatable enhanced short wavelength
 optimized fiber that is ideal for GbE as well as 10 Gb/s.  This
 next-generation fiber prototype transmitted 2000 meters at GbE speeds, as well
 as maintaining error-free transmission at 10 Gb/s for 500 meters.  To better
 simulate real world system conditions, the fiber was cabled by Siecor and
 multiple connectors were used in each experiment.  The 850nm VSCEL was coupled
 to the fiber and the output pulses, converted into electrical pulses,
 displayed the bit pattern on the oscilloscope in the form of an eye diagram.
 The eye diagrams illustrated a very clear, well open-eye for both 1 and 10
 Gb/s modulation.
     "We have selected the link lengths for this prototype fiber to reflect
 realistic premises applications.  According to a recent IEEE survey, 500
 meters at 10 gigabits per second covers 98% of in-building backbones in the
 premises market." says Carolyn Case, Corning's premises product line manager.
 "The 2000 meters at GbE encompasses the limit of a multimode fiber campus
 backbone according to the Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling
 Standard (TIA/EIA-568-A)."
     "We have gained a lot more knowledge about the expectations and capability
 of multimode fiber from these recent tests," says Bob Pollock, manager of
 market strategy for private networks at Siecor.  "There is a big difference
 between testing bare fiber and cabled fiber with connectors.  These tests show
 that optimized fiber and high data rate VCSELs will work in installed
 networks.  The bottom line for end users is that cost-effective, high-speed
 local area networks are becoming a reality -- with the help of 850nm
     According to Dave Welch, business leader at Gore, "The use of 850nm VCSELs
 with laser-optimized, multimode fiber will enable a cost-effective transition
 to higher speed LANs.  Gore is collaborating with leading optical fiber and
 cable manufacturers like Corning and Siecor to develop low cost VCSELs that
 will support 10 Gb/s transmission."
     Established in 1851, Corning Incorporated ( creates
 leading-edge technologies for the fastest-growing markets of the world's
 economy.  Corning manufactures optical fiber, cable and photonic products for
 the telecommunications industry; and high-performance displays and components
 for television and other communications-related industries.  The company also
 uses advanced materials to manufacture products for scientific, semiconductor
 and environmental markets.  Corning's revenues in 1998 were $3.5 billion.
 More information on Corning optical fiber is available at .
     W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., is a worldwide leader in providing high
 technology solutions for demanding electronic, industrial, medical, and fabric
 applications.  Gore's Electronic Products Division is headquartered in Newark,
 Delaware, USA.  Since 1958 the company has pioneered advanced interconnect
 components including high density organic chip packages, high performance
 dielectric materials, 1300nm laser technologies, and high data rate cable &
 assemblies.  W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is an international company with
 more than 6000 associates, over a billion dollars in annual sales, and
 50 sites worldwide.  Gore is well known for its unique corporate culture and
 was recently named as one of the top 20 companies to work for in America.  For
 more information see .
     Founded in 1977, Siecor continues to lead the industry in developing and
 manufacturing optical fiber and copper communications products for voice, data
 and video applications.  Siecor is a major supplier for telephone companies,
 cable television operating companies, customer premises communications and
 utility applications.  Siecor, with 13 locations worldwide, is dedicated to
 providing Total Quality products and services to customers.  At the close of
 an acquisition during first quarter 2000, Siecor will be a wholly owned
 subsidiary of Corning Incorporated, with global market focus.  More
 information on Siecor products or services is available at .
     Corning is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.  InfiniCor is a
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