Corridor Software Announces New Product Launch Date; Beta Version Now Available to Qualified Customers

Jan 16, 2001, 00:00 ET from Corridor Software, Inc.

    GREENBELT, Md., Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Corridor Software, Inc., a
 provider of innovative Linux-based software for small businesses, today
 announced the release of its Connection Server software on February 28, 2001.
 The first beta versions are undergoing internal testing and Corridor will
 begin shipping the software to qualified testers and resellers around the
 country in the next two weeks.
     The Corridor Connection Server is the first of several components
 comprising the Corridor Small Business Server suite.  The Connection Server
 provides features that allow small businesses to secure their sensitive data
 and network transmissions, to connect their local area network (LAN) to the
 Internet, and to allow secure remote access into their corporate LAN via a
 secure and intuitive Virtual Private Network (VPN) component.  Using a
 flexible and powerful Java-based interface, users can manage their server,
 connection, and firewall settings in the familiar Windows setting.
     Corridor is built on the Linux platform in order to harness the power and
 stability afforded by the open source software.  Linux is currently the second
 largest server operating system in deployment.  In addition, Linux boasts
 superior performance and lower cost of ownership than either Microsoft's
 Windows NT or Sun Solaris.  Corridor currently supports the Redhat
 distribution of Linux, with plans to support other distributions in the
     "The Connection Server is the foundation for our entire software suite,"
 said Tim Simms, CEO of Corridor Software.  "By providing solid security and
 remote connectivity, we enable our future components to build on an
 environment in which the server computer can identify, locate, and communicate
 with any user without fear of intrusion or loss of data.  We are extremely
 excited to be shipping beta copies of the Connection Server, and to have a
 firm date set for our product launch."
     Half a dozen carefully chosen businesses are testing copies of the beta
 release.  Initial feedback on the product has been outstanding.  Corridor
 Software continues to accept applications from those interested in
 participating in the beta test program.  Those who wish to participate in the
 beta test program or to pre-order the software prior to its release on
 February 28 may visit the company's website at
 for more information.
     Once the Connection Server is released, Corridor Software will focus on
 refining the alpha version of the Messaging Server, the second component of
 the overall software suite.  This component incorporates innovative Voice over
 IP applications with instant messaging, text chat, voice mail, fax and email
 features to provide a unified messaging solution for small businesses.
 Integrated with the Connection Server's security and VPN features, all
 Messaging Server communications are conducted in a secure environment and can
 be configured to function on any computer from which the user has VPN access.
     About Corridor Software:
     Corridor Software, Inc. provides innovative Linux-based solutions for
 small businesses.  Founded in September 2000, Corridor is backed by OAO
 Corporation's New Business Incubator.  Corridor is located in OAO's
 headquarters building in Greenbelt, MD.  With the release of the beta versions
 of its product, Corridor is seeking additional investment capital in the first
 quarter of 2001.
     For more information on Corridor Software, Inc., beta test applications,
 pre-orders of Connection Server software, or capital investment, visit or contact Joel Haspel, Chief Strategy
 Officer,; 301-397-5001.

SOURCE Corridor Software, Inc.