Counterpart International Delivers Medical Supplies to Uzbekistan

May 03, 2006, 01:00 ET from Counterpart International

    WASHINGTON, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The nonprofit development
 organization Counterpart International is commemorating ten years of work
 in Uzbekistan by shipping over a million dollars worth of medical and other
 humanitarian supplies at the request of the Tashkent Government.
     "We have been honored to serve the Uzbek people and its government
 since 1997 and we want to mark the occasion by making a special effort to
 locate and transport items urgently needed by Uzbek government agencies and
 community groups," said Counterpart President Lelei LeLaulu.
     "We have worked closely with five different government bodies as well
 as government-run boarding houses and schools to provide much-needed goods
 and services to the Uzbek people," added LeLaulu.
     Over the next few weeks the humanitarian and development organization,
 which started in the South Pacific 40 years ago, will ship 14 new
 containers valued at $1.6 million requested by the Uzbek government and
 local non- government organizations in the Central Asian country.
     The Ministry of Health in Andijan will receive medical supplies,
 equipment and furniture. Five additional containers stocked with clothing,
 shoes and household items will be delivered to the Ministry of Social
 Welfare institutions.
     "Listening to the needs of the people in Uzbekistan, Counterpart
 mobilizes public and private donors in the United States to provide the
 goods needed," says Counterpart humanitarian Senior Director Richard
 Drolet. "Our relationship with various ministries in Uzbekistan has ensured
 demand-driven deliveries that meet the most pressing emergency and
 developmental needs of communities."
     "Earlier this year, our staff visited particularly vulnerable
 recipients of past shipments," he continued. "They found a great need for
 household items, footwear, basic medical supplies and clothing. As a
 result, the shipment currently in transit will be geared towards those
     Since 1997, Counterpart has shipped almost $80 million worth of medical
 equipment and supplies, furniture, clothing, shoes and computer equipment
 to Uzbekistan. These goods have filled hospitals and local clinics,
 provided office furniture for government offices, and clothed children in
 state-run orphanages and schools. Over $57 million worth of goods delivered
 have been distributed to the needy through Uzbek government agencies.
     Counterpart is an international development organization with 40 years
 of experience in over 60 countries. In Uzbekistan, Counterpart implements a
 child survival program, community action campaigns around issues such as
 youth drug use, and humanitarian assistance programs.
     CONTACT: Kyla Springer of Counterpart International, +1-202-296-9676,

SOURCE Counterpart International