Craters & Freighters Nearly Doubles Earnings and Continues Steady Franchise Growth

Colorado-based Crating and Shipping Company Attributes Growth to Expansion

in Commercial Shipping and Global Logistics

Oct 30, 2007, 01:00 ET from Craters & Freighters

    DENVER, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Craters & Freighters, the national
 leader in specialty freight solutions, announced the company has nearly
 doubled revenue and added 22 new franchises across the United States in the
 past five years. Steady growth, ventures into commercial markets, and
 global logistics makes it a leader in the consumer and commercial shipping
 markets and one of the fastest-growing franchises in its class.
     The Colorado-headquartered Craters & Freighters estimates company
 revenues at $45 million by the end of 2007, nearly double its reported
 revenues of $25 million in 2003. The company's franchise growth has
 steadily increased since it first began selling franchises in 1991.
 Currently, Craters & Freighters has 66 franchises across the United States.
 The company added 11 new franchises in the last three years, with only a
 limited number left before all its U.S. franchises are sold.
     "We took a hard look at the marketplace to determine growth
 opportunities for our local franchises across the country, and made
 strategic business decisions that brought us to where we are today," said
 Diane Gibson, President and CEO of Craters & Freighters. "By building upon
 our successful arts and antiques sector, we grew our commercial and
 industrial shipping segment and expanded into global logistics. It was one
 of the smartest investments that we have made."
     Craters & Freighters developed a business model to garner new clients
 including Fortune 500 companies in the commercial and industrial sector by
 training franchisees on specific crating techniques and specifications for
 the electronics, medical and government industries. This training and
 education not only helped build franchise revenues, but the core business
 experienced fantastic growth as well.
     "We found our niche in industrial crating and unique custom shipments.
 Few companies can custom engineer crates or have the training to engineer a
 crating and shipping solution," said Janet Fastabend, franchise owner of
 Craters & Freighters in South Chicago. "Once I could offer a custom
 engineered solution to businesses, my franchise location started to grow
 and exceeded my financial projections because of the unique services we
 provide to industrial and manufacturing companies."
     With commercial and industrial business customers across the U.S.,
 Craters & Freighters expanded its business globally and launched its Global
 Logistics division in 2005. The division creates custom logistic solutions
 for complex domestic and international packaging, crating and shipping
 needs through a central management team.
     Craters & Freighters has been a key partner to West Corporation, a
 leading provider of outsourced communication solutions to many of the
 world's largest companies, organizations and government agencies.
     "Many of our servers are highly expensive. Craters & Freighters comes
 to our site to pick them up, pack and crate them, track their travels and
 take care of things at the other end. When our clients see a Craters &
 Freighters crate arrive at their site, they see the quality packaging and
 attention to detail that they would expect from us," said David Hybner,
 Director of Corporate Purchasing for West. "These complex equipment
 assemblies are shipped all over the United States from Virginia to
 Washington State, as well as internationally from Singapore to the United
 Kingdom. Shipping is a big job and having to focus on it takes attention
 away from our core business. Having such a dependable partnership has made
 such a difference to our everyday business operations."
     About Craters & Freighters
     Craters & Freighters, founded in 1990, is headquartered in Golden,
 Colorado and is the national leader in specialty freight solutions,
 providing expert packaging, crating and shipping services from locations
 nationwide. The company expanded through franchising nationally beginning
 in 1991 with additional territories available. For more information, visit

SOURCE Craters & Freighters