Criminal Conduct of Harvey Police Officers Alleged in Two Lawsuits

Jan 25, 2007, 00:00 ET from Law Offices of Blake Horwitz

    CHICAGO, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Two lawsuits are seeking
 amendment today (January 25, 2007), adding that City of Harvey Police
 Officers have engaged in such a widespread pattern of abuse that Mayor
 Kellogg and Police Commanders Gentry and Keel are fully implicated in the
     Ranicka Stone (Stone v. City of Harvey, et al., 06 C 5001) was forced
 to perform fellatio on Officer Tyrone Johnson (who has since pled guilty to
 this crime). Many other officers have been similarly charged, the lawsuit
 alleges. "The fact that Officer Johnson thought that he would be able to
 get away with torture only demonstrates that the mayor is deliberately
 putting his head in the sand and not properly disciplining and terminating
 officers," according to the Stone's complaint.
     The mayor's indifference to officer misconduct comes as no surprise as
 he has hired at least two officers into high positions (Commanders of the
 Police Department), notwithstanding prior and significant discipline of
 these officers. Darnell Keel has been disciplined, charged, and/or been the
 subject of investigations for hiding information of his own physical abuse
 and oral threats directed toward civilians. After being hired as Commander,
 the suit alleges, Keel is alleged to have made many racial remarks directed
 towards white officers.
     Commander Gentry, long after he became commander, has been well known
 for his gang membership in with the Vice Lords. He eventually was
 terminated for criminal activity.
     The other amendment in McKnight v. City of Harvey, 05 C 1970, alleges
 the same acts of misconduct as does the Stone case, but the time period to
 submit allegations against the Mayor and Commanders Gentry and Keel has
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