Crocus Technology Raises $17 Million in a Series A Round of Financing

Objective: to Become the Leader in MRAM

Jun 16, 2006, 01:00 ET from Sofinnova Ventures

    GRENOBLE, France, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Crocus Technology, a company
 focusing on Magnetic Random Access Memories (MRAM), today announced the
 closing of its Series A round of funding totaling $17 million. The round's
 participants include San Francisco-based Sofinnova Ventures (lead
 investor), Paris-based firms Ventech, CDC Entreprises Innovation, AGF
 Private Equity and Sofinnova Partners, and NanoDimension. Crocus will
 leverage its innovative technology with the goal to become the world leader
 in this exciting MRAM market.
     Crocus was first incorporated in France in 2004 with an initial grant
 from CEA Valorisation and FIST, the subsidiaries of CEA and CNRS, France's
 leading research organizations, dedicated to spinning off promising new
 technologies into the private sector. Crocus is headquartered in Grenoble
 (France) with operations in the Paris area and in Silicon Valley
 (California). The MRAM technology that is the foundation on which Crocus is
 built was developed in the Grenoble-based SPINTEC research center. The
 related patents and know-how are being transferred to Crocus and will be
 continuously improved through formal joint development programs between the
 company, Spintec and other European laboratories.
     MRAM memories uniquely combine several key features of other existing
 memory technologies. They are non-volatile, have a fast read and write
 speed, an SRAM like interface, an extended lifetime, and a low
 manufacturing cost.
     "We are very excited by the tremendous market potential for MRAM
 because the mobile and networking industries, among others, need this new
 type of memory," said Eric Buatois, Managing Director with Sofinnova
 Ventures. "We looked in detail at all other MRAM technologies and always
 came back to Crocus. We believe that the company has what it takes to
 become the leader in this high growth market: a world-class R&D team, a
 strong patent portfolio, and a very experienced management team," Buatois
     The proceeds from this fund raising will allow Crocus to hire engineers
 and scientists in process engineering, test and design from all over Europe
 and the US. Crocus is also acquiring specialized equipment, which will
 enable the company to complete a first memory test vehicle in the next 12
 months and its first commercial product shortly thereafter.
     "This first round, quite unique in this technology area, is a defining
 moment for Crocus," commented Jean-Pierre Braun, CEO of Crocus. "We now
 have everything we need to be the first to bring to the marketplace a
 competitive MRAM memory that will fulfill the customers' expectations, in
 particular with regards to reliability, speed and capacity," Braun added.
     There are many important applications for MRAM memory. They are an
 ideal fit for mobile phones, PDA's, smart cards, notebook computers, RFID
 tags, as well as automotive and military applications.
     Crocus' board includes: Jean Bourcereau, General Partner with Ventech;
 Eric Buatois, General Partner with Sofinnova Ventures; Michel Desbard,
 Venture Partner with CDC Entreprises Innovation; Jean-Pierre Braun, CEO;
 and other well known semiconductor personalities including Jacques Noels,
 CEO of Nemoptic; Guy Crespy of CEA Valorisation and Luc-Olivier Bauer.
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