Crosscheck Networks Unveils Third-Generation of its SOA Testing Technology

SOAPSonar v3.0 Introduces Powerful New Framework for real-time analysis,

enabling SOA testers to quickly identify SOA blind spots

Jul 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from Crosscheck Networks, Inc.

    BOSTON, July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Crosscheck Networks, Inc., the leader
 in SOA testing, today announced the availability of its third generation
 SOA testing product, SOAPSonar v3.0. This release provides even greater
 ease of use in setting up test cases against an evolving set of complex SOA
 web services deployments. New features allow each team in the SOA lifecycle
 to test functional adherence, performance profiling, service debugging,
 service vulnerability assessment, and interoperability posture within one
 consistent product interface.
     New adaptors for OASIS profile specifications allow policy and identity
 management frameworks to be tested in conjunction with the SOA web services
 applications for comprehensive SOA deployment diagnostics.
     "We are noticing an increase in the sophistication of SOA use cases in
 the field, specifically around policy deployments leveraging Identity
 Management and WS-Security provisions" said Mamoon Yunus, Chief Technology
 Officer at Forum Systems and advisor to Crosscheck Networks. "This in turn
 increases the pressure on testers to have diagnostic capabilities to
 validate the authentication and authorization policy enforcement points as
 well as message security requirements."
     The newest release of SOA Testing product extends on the SOAPSonar
 testing framework, providing flexible solutions across all phases of the
 SOA development lifecycle. Some of the new features in release 3.0 include:
     * Project, Suite, and Report views for rapid test creation and diagnostics
     * Integrated test scheduling, report generation and email
     * Command-line interface allowing integration with other test management
       infrastructures and build environments
     * MTOM attachments and MTOM encryption and signatures
     * REST test case support
     * Conditional testing of test simulation sequences
     * Report export formats - DOC, XLS, PDF, RTF, RPT
     * WS-Signatures, WS-Encryption, WS-Security Identity Tokens, WS-Addressing
     * DLL API pluggable architecture and inline scripting
     In addition, the third generation SOA Testing Technology now provides
 real-time visual feedback identifying SOA blind spots during functional
 regression, performance, vulnerability assessment and interoperability
 compliance testing. The capability to present a panoramic view of all
 aspects of SOA testing significantly aids a user's testing process. The
 user also now has the option to quickly isolate the problem in the test
 case without manually inspecting every SOA request and response message.
     "The ability of SOAPSonar to further reduce the pain points associated
 with SOA testing significantly aids in the roll-out process of a SOA
 application," said Dino Esposito, author MSDN magazine and ASP.NET. "This
 product stands alone in its unique ability to combine the most advanced SOA
 testing features in the industry while providing an intuitive interface
 that is useable by novice and expert alike."
     Pricing and Availability
     SOAPSonar v3.0 is immediately available to all Crosscheck Networks
 customers running version 2.6 or later. For new customers, SOAPSonar
 pricing varies by model and starts at $799 annual subscription per
 instance. Floating license models are also supported using a central
 licensing server.
     About Crosscheck Networks
     Crosscheck Network's mission is to provide products for testing,
 diagnosing and controlling enterprise Web Services. Crosscheck Networks'
 products provide QA professionals, security personnel, and compliance
 officers with necessary information about the functional completeness,
 scalability, security and interoperability compliance of their Service
 Oriented Architecture (SOA). Through SOAPSonar(TM) - industry leading
 comprehensive SOA testing product - IT professionals make more informed
 decisions that enable their companies to stay within corporate quality and
 regulatory boundaries. The SOA diagnostics architecture is the first in the
 industry to encompass security, compliance, performance and functional
 regression under a unified architectural framework. The architecture
 enables the product to be deployed from the core to the perimeter of an
 enterprise. Visit Crosscheck Networks at

SOURCE Crosscheck Networks, Inc.