Crunch Fitness Buffs Up Brand in Fresh New Campaign

"We All Crunch" Ads Invite All Types of Characters to Crunch

Apr 02, 2007, 01:00 ET from Crunch Fitness

    NEW YORK, April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Crunch Fitness, the health club chain
 renowned for fusing fitness and entertainment, today announced a bold new
 rebranding effort that launches nationally on April 2, 2007. Having always
 operated under the philosophy of "No Judgements" by creating a welcoming
 environment for people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness abilities, Crunch
 is now taking that idea to the next level. This new campaign illustrates
 the different reasons and ways everyone works out at Crunch, tagged "We All
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     The campaign, created by Mother New York, features its own cast of
 "characters" based on the colorful population of Crunch members themselves.
 To truly demonstrate this notion of individualism, actors or models
 wouldn't do. Instead, starring in the ads are original handcrafted
 characters that are an amalgamation of all the members -- their
 motivations, their quirks, and the overall qualities that make them unique.
 These intricate miniature plastic creations, ranging from a yoga-loving
 hippie to a butt-kicking granny, are brought to life with fully realized
 personalities and charm. The "We All Crunch" tagline expresses how this
 diverse group has found a common home at Crunch.
     "Crunch has always had an irreverent spirit that is reflected in its
 decor, classes, and most importantly its members," said Christina DeGuardi,
 senior director of marketing and communications, Crunch Fitness. "Mother
 has created a campaign that expresses the exact attitude that the Crunch
 brand was built on, in a fresh and unique way that quite simply makes you
     The ads demonstrate that Crunch Fitness is the gym for all walks of
 life (even, or especially, polar opposites) and proves that it is the
 eccentricities of different people that can make working out fun. At the
 heart of the campaign are these characters called "Crunchers," who were
 inspired by actual Crunch members. Each of these Crunchers, with their
 different motivations and methods, belong here, in the Crunch community:
     -- Nancy: 68-years-old, deaf in one ear, is a demon in the boxing ring
     -- Bruce: 35-year-old "nice guy" bartender, loves his mom, has a thing for
     -- Mercedes: 26-year-old outspoken, high-maintenance girl, who knows she
        has it going on
     -- Rod: 39-year-old high-stress investment banker, always cutting a deal,
        serious about everything
     -- Beth: 24-year-old brooding, book-loving, Smiths record-collecting goth
     -- Gene: 33-year-old ex-tour manager for a metal band, found serenity in
     -- Steven: 32-year-old "action guy," competitive, loves the rush of the
     This eclectic group is brought together, infused with humor and wrapped
 into a campaign that includes: TV, print, out-of-home, Web site, on-line,
 and e-mail. The ads are illustrations of what each personality prefers for
 a workout and why, such as "Mercedes likes to keep her butt round, like a
 grapefruit," and "Gene traded in heavy metal for light-weight sweat pants,"
 all with the tagline "We all Crunch."
     The campaign will be running in a variety of media outlets with several
 types of executions, from simple one-line ads and weekly-changing comic
 strips in print, to a giant painted wall with the characters in OOH, and
 character pages on MySpace on-line. "We all Crunch" TV will be running in
 both New York and Los Angeles on MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, ESPN,
 (Vice online TV) and more, while all other components will be in six major
 markets, Atlanta; Chicago; Los Angeles; Miami, New York, and San Francisco.
 Print will run by market in such publications as Time Out Chicago/NY, San
 Francisco Weekly, NY Magazine, Gloss Magazine, The Onion and the Atlanta
 Sunday Paper, among others.
     Mother, New York is a three year-old communications agency that
 delivers creative solutions to business challenges, with sister offices in
 London (Mother London) and Buenos Aires (Madre). Mother New York's clients
 include LVMH, Coca Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, NHL, Miller Brewing
 Company, Crunch Fitness, a hot-dog stand called Dogmatic, and more.
     Crunch Fitness is a health club chain that leads the industry in fusing
 fitness and entertainment. Headquartered in New York City and owned by the
 private equity group of Angelo Gordon, Crunch Fitness serves over 100,000
 members with 30 gyms in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles,
 Chicago, and Atlanta. Renowned for its one-of-a-kind group fitness
 programming, Crunch is the leader in group fitness innovation and
 creativity. Often cited as the gym with the "best classes," Crunch has
 raised the bar for the entire fitness industry.

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