CTI(R) Magazine Awards 'Product of the Year' Honors to Tripp Lite's SmartPro(R) Net 2200 UPS System

Jan 15, 1999, 00:00 ET from Tripp Lite

    CHICAGO, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading telecommunications industry
 publication CTI Magazine unveils its annual "Product of the Year" Awards in
 its January issue, with Tripp Lite Manufacturing taking top honors in the
 "Power Control" category.  Tripp Lite's SmartPro NET 2200 UPS System receives
 the honor of "Product of the Year," surpassing several other manufacturers'
 UPS systems.
     "Tripp Lite's Smart 2200 distinguishes itself as one of the most forward
 thinking and useful products announced in the field of voice/data
 convergence," announced Rich Tehrani, Group Publisher of CTI.  "CTI magazine
 prides itself on having the most in-depth and objective product reviews of any
 telecom or datacom publication.  TMC Lab's engineers and CTI's Magazine
 editors spent many weeks picking the most important and influential products
 of 1998."
     The SmartPro NET 2200 UPS System earned "Product of the Year" status on
 the strengths of its many advanced features.  The SmartPro 2200 offers vital
 computer and telecom systems protection against surges, spikes, line noise,
 brownouts and blackouts.  Automatic Voltage Regulation ensures connected
 equipment is supplied with a constant stream of computer-grade 120VAC power
 without draining the UPS's battery.  Three serial ports offer simultaneous
 protection of multiple servers, even if they are running different operating
 systems.  Six AC outlets allow users to protect entire systems with one unit.
 External battery backs can be added to create virtually unlimited backup
     The SmartPro NET 2200 ships with free PowerAlert(R) Universal UPS
 Management Software.  PowerAlert is the only UPS software that controls any
 UPS from any manufacturer.  PowerAlert allows users to remotely monitor and
 control power conditions across their network system.
     Founded in 1922, Tripp Lite has built a solid reputation for reliability
 and innovation in power protection solutions.  Tripp Lite has committed itself
 to serving the global marketplace and maintains fully staffed offices
 worldwide.  Additional information, including a list of Tripp Lite's sales
 offices and authorized reseller partners, can be found by calling Tripp Lite's
 Customer Support Department at 773-869-1212 or by visiting Tripp Lite's
 website (www.tripplite.com).
                         TRIPP LITE PRODUCT FACT SHEET
     Product:             SmartPro(R) NET 2200 UPS System
     Description:         2200 VA intelligent, line-interactive UPS for
                          protection of network servers
     Sugg. Retail Price:  $1099.00
     Key Features
     -- Universal Network Power Management:  Built-in serial port and bundled
        PowerAlert(R) Software allows constant monitoring and management of
        power conditions through any network UPS system, automatic system
        shutdown in the event of a blackout.
     -- Voltage Regulation:  Corrects input voltage range of 86-145 volts to
        nominal levels (120 volts +/- 5%) to keep systems running during low
        voltage (brownout) and high voltage situations.
     -- Surge Protection:  6 AC outlets provide reliable surge, spike and line
        noise protection for network servers and peripherals.
     -- Insurance:  $50,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance protects equipment
        against surges, including direct lightning strikes, for life
     -- Input/Output Voltage:      120
     -- Input/Output Hz:           60
     -- Output VA:                 2200
     -- Output Watts:              1700
     -- Full-Load Runtime:         27 minutes
     -- Half-Load Runtime:         11 minutes
     -- Joules:                    480
     -- Maximum Surge Current:     36,000 amps
     -- Surge Response Time:       Instantaneous (0 nanoseconds)
     -- EMI/RFI Noise Reduction:   > 40 dB @ 1 MHz
     -- Battery Expandability:     Optional battery packs (BP24V33)
     -- Battery Recharge Rate      2-4 hours
     -- Outlet Quantity/Type:      6 NEMA 5-15R
     -- Cord Length:               8 feet
     -- Dimensions:                16.5" X 9" X 12.25"
     -- Shipping Weight:           86 pounds
     -- Product Warranty:          2 years

SOURCE Tripp Lite