Custom Custodial Solution From Trust Company of America Allows Interactive Financial Advisors to Offer I-Shares to 403b Accounts

Interactive Financial Advisors is the Only Advisor Offering the Benefits of

I-Shares to Holders of 403b Accounts

Apr 08, 2004, 01:00 ET from Trust Company of America

    DENVER, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Trust Company of America recently began
 providing a customized custodian service for Interactive Financial Advisors
 which allows their clients to trade I-shares through a 403b account.
     Interactive Financial Advisors is a national fee-only(TM) financial
 planning firm which uses software models and tools to help clients determine
 financial goals and investment strategies to reach those goals.  A large
 number of Interactive Financial Advisors clients have funds in 403b accounts
 (similar to 401K retirement accounts, but available to university, civil
 government and not-for-profit employees).  Thanks to a custom solution
 developed with Trust Company of America, Interactive Financial Advisors is now
 able to offer their 403b clients the ability to trade I-shares in those
 accounts, a service no other financial planner is offering.
     "The system Trust Company of America was able to develop for us allows us
 to offer this exclusive service to our clients," said Joanne Woiteshek,
 secretary/treasurer of Interactive Financial Advisors.  "Additionally, we
 found their systems easier to use, and we are saving money on transaction fees
 over our previous custodian."
     I-shares are a relatively new investment option which helps investors
 manage the risk factor in an investment portfolio with lower fees.  I-shares
 are traded like company stock, but they are indexed against entire market
 segments -- for example, healthcare, financial, technology or
 telecommunications -- rather than specific companies.  Unlike mutual funds,
 I-shares can be traded as individual shares any time throughout the trading
     By providing clients with the ability to trade I-shares through a 403b
 account, Interactive Financial Advisors clients can direct their retirement
 funds to specific or entire industry segments, yet maintain greater trading
 flexibility over mutual funds.
     "By working together with Interactive Financial Advisors, Trust Company of
 America was able to develop a custom solution in order to help them gain a
 competitive advantage in the large and important 403b market.  Additionally,
 the company was able to reduce transaction fees and improve ease-of-use for
 Interactive Financial Advisors brokers and financial planners," said Stephan
 A. Finn, chairman, president and CEO of Trust Company of America.
     About Trust Company of America
     Trust Company of America is a specialized custodian whose primary business
 is serving asset managers.  The company provides a bundled solution that
 includes asset custody, portfolio and client data management and back office
 services.  As an FDIC member, Trust Company of America is committed to
 providing a secure, controlled environment for the conduct of investment
 activities.  Clients benefit from the objectivity and dedication that only a
 truly independent trust company can offer.

SOURCE Trust Company of America