Cyprus Dairy Association Increases Halloumi(R) Cheese Sales With New 'CheesEU' Campaign

Jun 04, 2007, 01:00 ET from The Cyprus Association for the Promotion of Milk Products

    NEW YORK, June 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Cyprus Association for
 the Promotion of Milk Products, which recently launched "CheesEU," a
 two-year tactical promotional campaign to increase sales of Halloumi(R)
 cheese in North America, already has positive indications toward the
 program's targeted goals. Imports of Halloumi(R) cheese, Cyprus' delicious
 and unique sheep's and goat's milk cheese, by U.S. buyers in the first
 quarter of 2007 have increased by 31% over the same period last year. "We
 are extremely pleased with this additional boom in the sales of Halloumi(R)
 cheese. Halloumi(R) exports to the U.S. have grown steadily over the past
 10 years. The goal of the CheesEU campaign is to assist our U.S. food
 industry partners at the importer/distributor level in increasing awareness
 and sales of Halloumi(R) cheese among the American consumer," states Dennis
 C. Droushiotis, Managing Director of the Cyprus Dairy Association in North
 America. In addition to a nationwide advertising campaign and participation
 in selected trade shows, the CheesEU campaign includes over 400 in-store
 tastings in key metropolitan markets including Los Angeles, New York,
 Washington D.C., and Boston, to give the opportunity to a greater number of
 Americans to sample taste Halloumi(R).
     The Association will participate in IDDBA's Dairy-Deli-Bake Show on
 June 3-5 with a CheesEU Pavilion at the Anaheim Convention Center in
 California to showcase Cyprus' two traditional hard cheeses made from goat
 and sheep milk, Kefalotyri and Graviera, in addition to Halloumi(R). The
 Dairy-Deli-Bake Show is an opportunity for industry experts such as
 restaurants, importers, distributors and retail store owners to sample and
 savour these fine cheeses. Visitors will delight in learning the endless
 variety of ways that Halloumi(R) can be prepared. The aroma of Halloumi(R)
 being grilled or sauteed is especially irresistible, and food buyers at the
 IDDBA Show will follow their noses to the CheesEU Dairy pavilion, booth no.
 3383, to try some.
     Recognized as a unique product originating only from Cyprus,
 Halloumi(R) holds a U.S. registered trademark. Mr. Droushiotis notes, "Our
 trademark in the U.S. helps ensure that the American consumer will enjoy
 authentic Halloumi(R) from Cyprus made in the unique and traditional
 methods, which involves using sheep's and goat's milk and folding the
 cheese by hand."
     The Cyprus Association for the Promotion of Milk Products was formed in
 January 2007 as the result of a joint undertaking between The Republic of
 Cyprus and the European Union. The Association's mission is to increase
 consumer awareness and sales of Cyprus sheep and goat cheese products in
 the U.S. and Canadian markets. Dennis C. Droushiotis, Managing Director of
 the Association in North America, leads its marketing activities from
 offices based in New York.

SOURCE The Cyprus Association for the Promotion of Milk Products