Daniel Pearl's Father Calls on Journalists to Uncover Seeds of Hatred

Warren Wilson, Bill Maher, Other Media, Honored Along With the Late

Daniel Pearl at the Hugely Successful 44th Annual Southern

California Journalism Awards

L.A. Times 18 Awards Top for Large Newspapers, While the L.A. Daily Journal

Tops Smaller Papers With 10 Awards; L.A. Weekly and New Times L.A.

Each Get 10 Awards; KTLA and NBC4 Split Top TV Honors,

While KNX-AM and KPCC-FM Are Top Radio Winners

Jun 24, 2002, 01:00 ET from Los Angeles Press Club

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Judea Pearl, father of slain
 Wall St. Journal bureau chief Daniel Pearl, called on journalists "to uncover
 seeds of hatred before they germinate," as he joined with his wife Ruth to
 accept the first Daniel Pearl Award for Courage and Integrity in Journalism on
 behalf of their son, Saturday night at the 44th Annual Southern California
 Journalism Awards in the Grand Ballroom of the Le Meridien Hotel at Beverly
     "We are hopeful that Danny's legacy will inspire other journalists to
 continue his quest for truth and understanding," said Pearl, "to create new
 bridges among cultures, and to uncover seeds of hatred before they germinate."
     That understanding doesn't come easily, as the Pearl's have learned.  The
 Pearl family asked that no photographs be taken of them, out of concern for
 their safety.  The first "Daniel Pearl" award was presented by radio talk host
 Dennis Prager.
     The emotional evening's other two major honorary awards went to
 trail-blazing KTLA reporter Warren Wilson, the first African American to win
 the Joseph M. Quinn Award for Journalistic Excellence and Distinction; and to
 TV talk show host Bill Maher, who was personally selected for the President's
 Award by club President Patt Morrison.
     Upon being presented with his lifetime achievement award by former L.A.
 Mayor Richard Riordan, KTLA's Wilson said one of those who had an impact on
 his life and career was the late Joe Quinn, the founder of City News Service,
 after whom the award is named.  Quinn gave Wilson his first job as a
 journalist, after Wilson had faced open racism at other places he applied for
 work.  Wilson said that he promised Quinn when he was hired 43 years ago that
 he would make him proud of hiring him: "Joe, I didn't let you down."
     In presenting the President's Award to Maher, Morrison called him
 "irreverent, insightful and smart."  Maher said that "You make a statement in
 choosing me and that is that I'm right."  Maher said that the problem in
 America is not what is said, but what goes unsaid.  "People need to get more
 angry," said Maher, whose show comes to an end next week.  "Not less angry."
     In the journalism awards competition, the Los Angeles Times led all other
 media outlets with 18 awards, including 13 first place wins.  Those awards
 included Photojournalist of the Year to Wall Skalij, the editorial staff for
 "Inside Al Quaeda" as well as top awards for business, commentary and
 entertainment reporting and reviews.
     The areas two alternative weekly newspapers, L.A. Weekly and New Times
 L.A. each took home ten awards, but L.A. weekly won one more first place award
 (four) than New Times L.A. (three).
     Among newspapers with less than 100,000 circulation, the L.A. Daily
 Journal was tops with ten awards, including four first place plaques.  The
 Daily Breeze, Pasadena Star News and San Diego Union Tribute each took home
 five awards.
     In television, it was a big night for KTLA.  Besides the lifetime
 achievement honor for Warren Wilson, KTLA also won the award for Best
 Regularly Scheduled Daily News for the News at Ten coverage of September 11,
 2001.  In addition, Ron Olson was honored for Best Hard News Story, and Hal
 Fishman was named Television Journalist of the Year, although he was unable to
 accept in person.  In accepting on his behalf, KTLA News Director Jeff Wald
 said that Fishman recently broke his ankle.
     Michele Ruiz of NBC4 was also honored for feature reporting, Chris
 Blachford of KTTV for Investigative Reporting, Mike Castelluci and Juan
 Renteria for Entertainment Reporting, Mitch Waldow of KCOP for Best
 Documentary; and William J. Rosendahl of Adelphia Communications for Best
 Talk/Public Affairs program.
     In radio, the most awards (11) went to National Public Radio outlet
 KPCC-FM in Pasadena, while all-news radio KNX-AM was honored with seven
 awards, including Best Newscast over 15 minutes, Best Spot News, Best Traffic
 Reporting, Best Entertainment Reporting and Best Sports Reporting.
     KPCC's awards included Best Radio Feature, Best Business Reporting, Best
 Investigative Reporting and Best Use of Sound.  KPCC talk show host Kitty
 Felde was honored as Radio Journalist of the Year.  KCRW's Warren Olney won
 Best Talk/Public Affairs program for "Which Way L.A.?"
     Among the presenters at this year's awards were Arianna Huffington, Warren
 Olney, Robert Forster, William J. Rosendahl, Dear Abby (Jeanne Phillips),
 Dennis Weaver and Rocky Delgadillo.  The show hosts were Patt Morrison, Alex
 Ben Block, Jill Stewart, Ted Johnson and James Foy.
     A complete list of first place winners follows:
     DAILY/WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS (over 100,000 Circulation) -- Journalist of the
 Year:  Steven Mikulan, L.A. Weekly; Photojournalist of the Year: Wally Skalij,
 L.A. Times; Hard News: Susan Goldsmith, New Times L.A., "Federal Bureau of
 Violence;" News Feature: Celeste Fremon, L.A. Weekly, "Miracles and Pain;"
 Investigative Reporting/Series: Los Angeles Times Staff "Inside Al-Queda;"
 Business Reporting: Los Angeles Times Staff "China's WTO Challenge;"
 Commentary/Column: John Balzer, Los Angeles Times; Editorials: Jill Stewart,
 New Times L.A.; Entertainment Reviews/Criticism: Christopher Knight, Los
 Angeles Times, "Elusive and Illusionary;" Entertainment News or Feature: James
 Bates and Claudia Eller, Los Angeles Times, "The Hollywood Labor Talks;"
 Sports News or Feature: Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times, "Her Blue Heaven;"
 Specialized Lifestyle Reporting: Jose Cardenas, Los Angeles Times, "Getting By
 One at a Time;" Headline: Ron Russell, New Times L.A., "Taj Mahoney."
     DAILY NEWSPAPERS (under 100,000 circulation) -- Journalist of the Year:
 Gina Keating, Los Angeles Daily Journal; Hard News: Ian McGregor, Daily
 Breeze, "A New Doll, Then Death;" News Feature: Traci Isaacs, Daily Breeze,
 "Time and Place; "Investigative Reporting/Series: Gina Keating, Los Angeles
 Daily Journal, "Resurrecting Belmont;" Business Reporting: Mark Lacter, Los
 Angeles Business Journal, "The Lending Squeeze;" Commentary Column: Bill Bell,
 Whittier Daily News, "We're the World's Shining Beacon;" Editorials: Bill
 Bell, Whittier Daily News, "Cenco Shouldn't Need City Money;" Entertainment
 News or Feature: Corey Levitan, Daily Breeze, "Hood Vibrations;" Sports News
 or Features: Gabe Lucques, Pasadena Star News, "Score One for Compassion;"
 Specialized Lifestyle Reporting: Corey Levitan, Daily Breeze, "Adventures with
 Corey;" Headline: Cynthia Goldstein, Los Angeles Daily Journal, "Court Makes
 Him Sick, Judge Says."
     TELEVISION -- Journalist of the Year: Hal Fishman; Regularly Scheduled
 Daily News: Jeff Wald, Gerald Ruben, Christine Michie, Hal Fishman, Marta
 Waller, Kim Rouggie and Lynette Romero, KTLA News at Ten, "September 11,
 2001;" Hard News: Ron Olsen, KTLA News at Ten, "August 16, 2001;" Feature
 News: Michelle Ruiz, KNBC-TV, "Tito;" Investigative Reporting/Series: Chris
 Blatchford, KTTV-TV, "Charity for Terror;" Entertainment Report: Mike
 Castelluci/Juan Renteria, KCBS-TV, 5 PM News; Talk/Public Affairs: William J.
 Rosendahl, Adelphia Communications "Week in Review;" Documentary: Mitch
 Waldow, KCOP-TV, "Ronald Reagan: From Actor to Icon."
     RADIO -- Journalist of the Year: Kitty Felde, KPCC-FM; Newscast over 15
 Minutes: Zorn, Eriksen, Mendoza, Bradfo, KNX-AM, "KNX 4:30 News;" Spot News:
 KNX Staff, KNX, "Shooting Death of Sheriff's Deputy;" Feature: Ilsa Setziol,
 KPCC-FM, "Bald Eagles;" Business Reporting: Rachael Myrow, KPCC-FM, "Power
 Series;" Traffic Reporting: Jim Thornton, KNX-AM, "KNX Traffic with Jim
 Thornton;" Entertainment Reporting: Laura Ornest, Gail Eichethal, Diane
 Thompson, KNX-AM, "Sunday with Oscar;" Investigative Reporting: Steve Julian,
 KPCC-FM, "Cold Reading Workshops;" Sports Reporting: Steve Grad, KNX-AM,
 "Shoot-around with Shaq;" Documentary (Tie) Jon Beaupre, KPFK-FM, "Citizen
 Daley Runs for Congress" and Gail Eichenthal, KNX, "The Standford 9: This Is a
 Test;" Use of Sound: Ilsa Setziol, KPCC-FM, "Bald Eagles;" Talk/Public Affairs
 Warren Olney, KCRW-FM, "Which Way L.A."
     ART/PHOTOGRAPHY -- News Photo: Wally Skalij, Los Angeles Times, "Fiery
 Freeway Tie-up;" Feature Photo: Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times "California
 Waves the Flag;" Sports Photo: Wally Skalij, Los Angeles Times, "Shaquille
 O'Neal Celebrates;" Editorial Cartoon: Paul Conrad of the Los Angeles Times;
 Photo Essay: "Crashing Into Adulthood" by Gail Fisher of the L.A. Times.
     MAGAZINES -- Magazine Article (News or Feature): John Ryan and Jim Adamek,
 Los Angeles Daily Journal/California Law Business, "Life Saver;" In-House or
 Corporate Publishing: Janet Sutter, Copley Press.
     NEWS BUREAUS AND CORRESPONDENTS -- Wire Service: David Evans, Bloomberg
 News, "Khashaggi Firm;" Daily or Weekly Newspaper: Chris Woodyard, USA Today,
 "Fume over Planes;" Monthly (or other non-daily publishing cycle): Susan
 Karlin, IEEE's Spectrum, "Take off Plug in Dial-Up."
     ON-LINE/WIRELESS/NEW MEDIA -- Single News Story: Alex Ben Block, MGM
 Online, "The Real Deal on Rocky;" Comment/Criticism Column: Catherine Seipp,
 "Working Mothers of the World Unite."
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SOURCE Los Angeles Press Club