DataSource Announces Product Release

Enterprise Architect Meets Need for Flexible Case Management

Nov 13, 2002, 00:00 ET from DataSource, Inc.

    GREENBELT, Md., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- DataSource, Inc. announces the
 release of its new product "Enterprise Architect," a 3-tier Case Management
 Platform product that easily adapts to client business needs and is scalable
 to large numbers of users.  Enterprise Architect (EA) incorporates workflow
 and document control and has application across a number of industries and
 government agencies, including security, criminal justice, the legal arena,
 medical case management and customer relationship management (CRM).  EA is
 currently being implemented by the IRS National Background Investigations
 Center to manage its background and security clearance cases.
     EA is a web-enabled system designed to serve as a platform for
 applications that are case (people, event, place, or document) centric.  The
 many features of EA meet the market need for a flexible product that can
 satisfy users' specific case management requirements without the cost and time
 associated with custom software work.  Unlike traditional COTS (Custom Off The
 Shelf) packages, EA's design allows users to configure the system easily to
 meet 100% of their needs and to make adaptations as their requirements change
 over time.
     "The beauty of Enterprise Architect really is its flexibility," said
 DataSource President and CEO Pamela Hopkins.  "We've seen the need for a
 product like this over and over again.  It has so many features that make it
 an ideal solution for businesses or government agencies with case management
     Along with virtual (user-defined) fields that can be dynamically added,
 changed or deleted, EA design elements allow users to decide how their screens
 will look and what functions they will perform.  Workflow to-do lists can be
 configured to prompt users through task completion, and standard document
 management features give workers the ability to create their own reports, as
 well as scan and import documents.
     EA is also capable of integration with the latest biometric technology for
 fingerprint and face recognition.  Scanned biometric data can be tracked and
 searched, or used as an EA security feature to regulate access.  A number of
 other security features, including encryption, record-level and functional
 security elements, assure EA users that their sensitive data will remain
     EA uses standard Internet technologies (including HTTP/HTTPS, SSL, FTP) on
 a J2EE/XML three-tier architecture.  The technical architecture is consistent
 with the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Technical Reference Model.
     DataSource is a CMM(R) Level 3 software development firm headquartered in
 Greenbelt, Maryland.  The company provides software development products and
 services to government and commercial clients.
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