DataSource Provides Migration and Re-engineering of Legacy Financial Applications for Navsealogcen Det Lant

DataSource Selected to Provide Support in Legacy System Analysis, Y2K

evaluation, and New System Implementation

Jun 10, 1999, 01:00 ET from DataSource, Inc.

    SILVER SPRING, Md., June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- DataSource, Inc., a
 $15 million company that provides software development, systems integration,
 business process reengineering, and ecommerce to the commercial and government
 marketplace, announces that it is assisting Navsealogcen Det Lent in Indian
 Head, Maryland, with the conversion of the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard from a
 Navy working-capital accounting system to a mission-funded accounting system.
 The new system will increase financial accountability for the shipyard
     In addition to the Pearl Harbor project, DataSource has worked with the
 U.S. Navy since 1994 to migrate and reengineer their Legacy Financial
 Application supporting the U.S. Naval Shipyards.  The project included
 migrating the application from a proprietary Honeywell environment to a
 Unix/Oracle platform.
     DataSource has provided vital support in all life-cycle phases, including
 analysis, design, development, testing and implementation and conversion.
 This system is now in production at all four active U.S. Naval Shipyards.
     All of DataSource's work for Navsealogcen Det Lant has been performed
 within accepted deadlines and financial constraints.  "We replaced an old,
 sequential-file system with an Oracle database," said Pamela W. Hopkins,
 President and Chief Executive Officer of DataSource, Inc.  "The result is an
 enhanced, more efficient system with increased functionality."
     DataSource, Inc. provides services to the federal and state agencies as
 well as private companies across six states.  Founded in 1994 by Pamela
 Hopkins, the company has gone from a solo operation with $230,000 in revenues
 to more than 80 employees and $15 million in projected revenues all in less
 than five years.  DataSource, Inc. is headquartered in Silver Spring, MD.

SOURCE DataSource, Inc.