Davey Tree Customers to Receive Enhanced Communications Via the Knotice Concentri Platform

Apr 17, 2007, 01:00 ET from Knotice, Ltd.

    AKRON, Ohio, April 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Knotice Ltd., a provider of
 solutions for marketing to today's digital consumers, today announced that
 The Davey Tree Expert Company, a green industry leader, has selected
 Knotice's Concentri(TM) software platform to provide timely and relevant
 communications across email and to the Web.
     Davey chose Knotice Concentri because of its simplicity in creating
 highly relevant, multi-stage communications for its customers. Relevancy
 allows Davey to easily provide various customer types with focused
 communications based on regional, seasonal or type of service needs.
     "Knotice's Concentri platform enables us to easily provide specific
 information about the services we offer our customers," said Sandra Reid,
 manager, corporate communications, The Davey Tree Expert Company. "For
 example, customers in the Northeast may be concerned with a pest or disease
 issue that would not be applicable in other regions. Concentri makes it
 easy for us to develop and deliver communications that only target relevant
 customer groups, providing a personal touch that is important in our
 customer relationships."
     Eventually, Davey will use features already integrated into the
 Concentri platform to continue its communications across other online
 channels, taking advantage of multiple consistent touch-points that will
 help reinforce the personal customer relationship.
     "We are seeing a lot of momentum with larger, forward thinking
 companies like Davey who recognize the value relevancy brings to their
 customer communications," said Brian Deagan, Co-Founder and CEO Knotice,
 Ltd. "We provide the simple to use tools to do relevant communications
 quickly. For a company like Davey, it's a perfect fit, allowing them to
 address the needs of its diverse client base. We're glad to have such a
 dynamic company showcasing our Concentri platform and we're proud to call
 them our customer."
     About the Concentri Platform - Soup-to-Nuts Campaigns in One Package
     Concentri is a simple and powerful platform for creating and managing
 highly relevant, multi-stage campaigns across email, mobile and web
 channels. With Concentri, marketers can easily engage today's digital
 consumers to grow revenue, while maintaining a consistent brand experience,
 cutting production cycles from weeks to days, and reducing other related
 costs by as much as 50%.
     About The Davey Tree Expert Company
     The Davey Tree Expert Company provides tree, shrub and lawn care, large
 tree moving, commercial landscape services, vegetation management and
 consulting services throughout North America. Founded in 1880, Davey has
 more than 6,000 employees. http://www.davey.com
     About Knotice
     Knotice provides solutions for Personal Relevance Marketing (PRM) -
 marketing communications tailored for individual consumers based on their
 own preferences-over email, Web and mobile. Knotice's solutions give
 companies a competitive edge by creating strong brand relationships with
 customers through consistent, personally relevant marketing tailored to
 each consumer across multiple marketing media.
     By integrating marketing campaigns over email, Web and mobile, major
 marketers can ensure consistent brand and message presentation regardless
 of how it reaches the consumer. Brands can create a bond with the consumer
 by showing that they respect individual preferences not only in product,
 but in how they prefer to receive offers and communications.

SOURCE Knotice, Ltd.