Delphi Appoints New Global Consumer Electronics General Director

Jan 05, 2007, 00:00 ET from Delphi

    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Delphi announced today that effective
 January 1, 2007, Max Rogers assumed the position of general director of the
 Consumer Electronics business unit within Delphi's Product & Service
 Solutions division.
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     "Max brings a wealth of professional experience that spans various
 companies, industries and markets," said Francisco Ordonez, president,
 Delphi Products & Service Solutions. "He is results driven, which combined
 with his diverse knowledge base, makes him a natural for the fast moving
 world of consumer electronics."
     Max has been an executive within Delphi for five years, first as the
 Global Sales Director for the Thermal Division in Lockport, New York, and
 most recently as Global Director of Sales, Marketing and Planning for
 Delphi Packard Electrical/Electronic Architecture division in Troy,
     Prior to Delphi, he worked for TRW as the lead for high-tech business
 development initiatives in web-based products and applications. There he
 also worked within the automotive business of LucasVarity, a company
 acquired by TRW, as a business manager for Mexico and Latin America then as
 a Product Line Director. Before joining LucasVarity he was a business
 manager for the Product Design Center, a design and engineering services
 firm which specialized in commercializing advanced technology products for
 aerospace, light industrial and consumer markets. Prior to all of this Max
 had a career as a pilot in the United States Navy where he was a graduate
 from the United States Naval Test Pilot School.
     "Max has the challenge in front of him to continue to build upon the
 legacy Delphi has established in the realm of consumer electronics," said
 Ordonez. "Delphi was the first to partner with XM in the portable satellite
 arena, and has continued to deliver innovative technology each year. We
 just introduced the SKYFi3, and the NAV200. At CES we will add to those
 products with more great news. The challenge ahead is to continue to lead
 in technology and product development that delivers what consumers want. I
 know Max's leadership will do just that and result in continued strong
 growth in consumer electronics at Delphi."
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