Delphi, C-MAC Team For Smarter Parts

Feb 25, 1997, 00:00 ET from Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems

    FLINT, Mich. and SHERBROOKE, Quebec, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Delphi Energy
 & Engine Management Systems and C-MAC Industries, Inc. announced today the
 signing of a five-year Teaming Agreement to jointly develop and manufacture
 new advanced electronic modules and systems for automotive applications.  The
 new products are "Smart Parts," or electromechanical sensing and actuating
 devices which have embedded electronics.
     This unique Teaming Agreement will allow both organizations to leverage
 their complementary experience and technology, enhance their respective core
 competencies, and speed further development and manufacture of smart
 electronic parts to better support the need for such products in the
 automotive industry.
     "It makes little sense to spend money, or underhood space, on stand-alone
 sensors and controllers if the 'smarts' can be made integral to the part,"
 said Don Runkle, general manager of Delphi Energy & Engine Management.  "We
 could use a battery with its own brain, that could track its own state of
 charge and shut down parasitic electrical draws, like a dome light left on, if
 it sensed a run-down coming on," Runkle added.  "With C-MAC, we find a partner
 that has developed the fast-to-market design and production capability
 required in the telecommunications world, where product design-cycles are
     "More integration, both in terms of size and mix of different
 technologies, in the same carrier or package, is one of the keys to these new
 products," said Dennis Wood, C-MAC's CEO.  "Telecom and military packaging
 techniques developed by C-MAC can be adapted for automotive applications.
 This is what C-MAC will strive to bring to this Team."
     C-MAC integrates and packages high density microcircuits for ultra
 reliable, maintenance free operation in extreme operating environments, Runkle
 said.  C-MAC'S ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) and MCMs
 (multi-chip modules), embedded within Delphi's electromechanical components,
 will bring more reliable and more precise control -- at lower cost -- to
 automotive energy and engine management.  Delphi has working relationships
 with automakers worldwide, which could lead to new markets for C-MAC, Runkle
 said.  And, Delphi's high volume manufacturing systems could be adapted to
 some C-MAC operations, he said.
     "This unique agreement with the world leader in terms of automotive
 electronic systems is a key milestone in C-MAC's development of the automotive
 market," said Wood.  To support this new opportunity, C-MAC will rapidly move
 into implementation and certification of QS-9000, the quality system developed
 by the big-three U.S. automakers.
     Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems, headquartered in Flint,
 Michigan, USA, is one of six divisions of Delphi Automotive Systems.  The
 division manufactures and markets systems and components to control the
 generation, conversion and storage of electrical energy, the flow of air and
 fuel into an engine, the combustion process, and cleanup of exhaust emissions.
 Delphi is the world's largest and most diverse supplier of automotive systems
 and components, with more than 178,000 men and women operating 191
 manufacturing facilities and 17 technical centers in 36 countries.
     C-MAC is a leading international supplier of advanced electronic
 components, sub-systems and systems for the telecommunication, automotive,
 instrumentation, defense and aerospace industries.  The corporation,
 headquartered in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, operates fifteen (15)
 manufacturing plants and employs over 2,050 individuals in its plants located
 in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France and China.  The C-MAC Stock
 (CMS) is traded on both the Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges.

SOURCE Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems