Democracy Internet TV Launches 'TiVo for Web Video' System

Free Open Source System Uses RSS and BitTorrent to Give Everyone

Their Own TV Station, Leapfrogging Over Existing Systems from Apple,

RealPlayer, Flash, and Microsoft

Feb 22, 2006, 00:00 ET from Participatory Culture Foundation

    WORCESTER, Mass., Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the non-profit
 Participatory Culture Foundation ( launched
 Democracy, the world's first comprehensive open source internet TV system.  As
 components of the Democracy system have been released over the past few
 months, the undertaking has become one of the most popular and blogged about
 projects in the technology world.  Today's release of the free Democracy
 Player for Windows, Mac, and Linux completes the platform.
     "The days of waiting for internet video to buffer and watching it in a
 tiny box are over," says Participatory Culture Foundation co-founder Nicholas
 Reville.  "With Democracy, internet video is ready to play when you want to
 watch it, like TiVo, and it fills the entire screen."
     Democracy takes advantage of open internet technologies to redefine the
 online video experience, surpassing the user experience of proprietary systems
 from even the largest tech and media corporations.  As Mozilla's Firefox does
 for web browsers, Democracy sets the standard for a beautiful and intuitive
 open-source replacement to proprietary video players and is building momentum
 with bloggers, videomakers, and technologists to push the online media
 revolution forward.
     Democracy builds on cutting edge RSS, Firefox, and BitTorrent technology
 to empower anyone to watch, share, broadcast and download video over the
 internet in a way that enables higher digital resolution, full screen video
 playback, continuous non-buffered play, and an open standards environment free
 of adware or spyware -- a much more TV-like experience than traditional web
 video, and with far more diversity and freedom than traditional TV.
     "The Democracy Internet TV system levels the playing field between
 commercial media and technology companies, independent video publishers, and
 millions of people who deserve equal and free access to one another's videos,"
 explains Participatory Culture Foundation co-founder Tiffiniy Cheng.  "While
 every major media corporation in the world is trying to find a way to lock
 users into closed and proprietary technologies, we want to ensure that video
 on the internet is as open and accessible as websites and blogs."
     Cory Doctorow, from -- the internet's most popular blog --
 notes, "The revolution will indeed be televised -- thanks to the judicious
 combination of ethics, technology, and imagination that this project
     The Democracy Internet TV system is being supported by private donors,
 including two of the world's leading technology visionaries, Silicon Valley
 venture capitalist Andy Rappaport, and Mitch Kapor, Lotus founder and chairman
 of Mozilla Foundation (makers of Firefox).  "Because it is based on open
 standards and open source," notes Rappaport, "this is the first time that a
 large-scale internet video creation and distribution platform will be
 available to everyone."
     The Democracy system launched publicly today with the release of the
 Democracy player for Windows.  Other components of the system include its
 Broadcast Machine, software to publish high quality video for thousands of
 recipients from an ordinary website with almost no hosting costs.  The system
 also includes a program guide of hundreds of channels of available video, and
 Video Bomb (, a community-rated shareable guide, or
 automatic feed, of the internet's freshest free video.  Democracy will not
 interfere with a computer's use of any existing video software.  Download
 Democracy for free at

SOURCE Participatory Culture Foundation