Democrat Kucinich Accuses Republican Huckabee of Ethnic Profiling for Political Gain

Other Democrats silent

Dec 28, 2007, 00:00 ET from Kucinich for President 2008

    KEENE, N.H., Dec. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Democratic Presidential
 candidate Dennis Kucinich today accused Republican candidate Mike Huckabee
 of using the tragic assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir
 Bhutto to create anti-Pakistani fears in the U.S. and to advance his own
 discriminatory immigration policies.
     "I know I'm not running against Mike Huckabee," said Kucinich, who is
 campaigning in New Hampshire, "but his remarks were so outrageous and so
 representative of the scare tactics and fearmongering policies of the
 current Republican administration that someone on the Democratic side of
 this campaign needs to speak out."
     Kucinich added, "To be silent would be the worst kind of betrayal of
 the public trust that voters are being asked to invest in the Democratic
 candidates. The other candidates may choose to focus on a narrower
 political agenda, but Huckabee's statements are so egregiously provocative
 and dangerous that they cannot be ignored."
     In comments yesterday and today, Huckabee said the United States should
 "have an immediate, very clear monitoring of our border, and particularly
 to make sure, if there's any unusual activity of Pakistanis coming into the
 country." When asked by reporters to expand on that statement, Huckabee
 replied, "When I say single them out I'm making the observation that we
 have more Pakistani illegals coming across our border than of all other
 nationalities except those immediately south of the border. And in light of
 what's happening in Pakistan, it ought to give us pause as to why are so
 many illegals coming across these borders."
     Huckabee then added fuel to the fire that he himself ignited by adding,
 "the fact is the immigration issue is not so much about people coming
 across the border to pick lettuce or make beds, it's about people who can
 come with a shoulder fired missile and can do serious damage and harm us."
     "Implying that Pakistani immigrants, visitors, and even Pakistani
 Americans should be singled out as potential terrorists is the kind of
 unwarranted, unconscionable ethnic profiling and ethnic baiting that is the
 hallmark of Republican thinking - in foreign policy, in immigration policy,
 and in so-called homeland security policy. No racial, ethnic, or religious
 group is safe from their audacious affronts to human decency and their
 continued assaults on Constitutional liberties and protections," Kucinich
     Earlier today, Kucinich called into question the foreign policy records
 and judgments of the other Democratic candidates for President:

SOURCE Kucinich for President 2008