DEMOfall '06 Conference Wraps; 67 New Technologies Catalyze Market

Outstanding Presenters Honored With DEMOgod Awards

Reporters From BusinessWeek, Forbes, Network World and The Wall Street

Journal Assess DEMOfall Trends and Technologies

Sep 27, 2006, 01:00 ET from Network World Events and Executive Forums

    SAN DIEGO, DEMOfall '06, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The prestigious
 DEMOfall '06 conference closed today after an information-packed program
 focused on new products and services that are designed to improve and
 enhance business and consumer computing. The sold-out crowd -- comprised of
 business development executives, investors, reporters, and entrepreneurs --
 was also treated to an in-depth discussion on nanotechnology and the
 near-term prospects for products based on today's sub-microscopic research.
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     "Nanotechnology is a fascinating area of study," said Chris Shipley,
 DEMO executive producer. "Despite all the hype and the money poured into
 the field, we have yet to see outcomes that are affecting people's everyday
 lives. Thanks to John Patrick's FutureScan panel, the DEMO community has a
 much better sense of where that market is headed. My thanks to panelists
 Dr. Gian-Luca Bona of IBM's Almaden Research Center, Dr. Gerald Hoegl of
 Metcomb Nanostructures, and Rohit Sharma of Mohr Davidow Ventures for
 participating in this panel."
     The semi-annual DEMO conferences are a reflection of the technology
 industry as a whole -- a microcosm of the best, most viable emerging
 technology products in the market categories that are the hottest in the
 industry. Today at DEMOfall, the focus was on:
     -- Internet security,
     -- Internet search,
     -- application infrastructure,
     -- telecom,
     -- consumer-generated content,
     -- social content,
     -- digital content management, and
     -- the connected desktop.
     The morning general session began with a look at Internet security and
 Internet search -- two robust categories that are making giant strides in
 sophistication and customization every six months. Demonstrating their new
 innovations in these areas were:
     -- Data Security Systems Solutions, Inc. -- OTPK (One Time Private Key)
        protects electronic transactions through digital signatures.
     -- MyPW, LLC -- MyPW authentication platform that protects against
        identity theft and online fraud.
     -- Retrevo, Inc. -- Retrevo searches and delivers smart content for
        consumers that are researching, installing, using, fixing and upgrading
        their consumer electronics products.
     -- Imaginestics, LLC -- is a shape-based search engine that
        uses a drawing of the object being sought.
     Changing tacks, the DEMOfall stage program continued with a look at
 infrastructure components that make building, managing and delivering new
 applications faster and easier. Demonstrations included:
     -- NComputing, Inc. -- NStation Computing Solution is a hardware/software
        package that will accelerate the market migration from desktop to
        server based computing.
     -- BriteSoft Corp. -- BriteWorks automates software development of
        enterprise-class applications, typically speeding development by
        20 percent.
     -- Widgetbox -- Widgetbox is a Web-based marketplace where entrepreneurs
        can develop and sell content and code that enhance everyday blogs.
     Life in a Digital Age
     "The arrival of the Internet age has made communicating much easier ...
 and much more complicated," said Shipley. "We now find ourselves texting,
 emailing, IM-ing, Skype-ing, and even, sometimes, putting old fashioned pen
 to paper. My research for DEMOfall showed that companies continue to
 improve services around voice communications, as evinced by Be Here's
 'Total View' VoIP collaboration phone, JAJAH's free mobile VoIP solution,
 and GrandCentral's unified communications service that gives people one
 phone number for life. These are big ideas that enhance the traditional
 telecom experience and simplify people's lives."
     DEMOfall also had a major focus on consumer-generated content,
 innovative social networking sites, and digital content management and
 delivery -- three hotspots in the consumer tech industry. The rise of
 social media and the influx of services designed to easily customize and
 enrich online sites has led to the proliferation of online data. Shipley
 invited the best new entrants in this field to launch at DEMOfall and to
 take the stage this afternoon:
     -- SiteKreator -- SiteKreator Business Edition is a Web site creation and
        hosting service designed for small business owners.
     -- Wallop, Inc. -- Wallop is a social computing site with a sophisticated
        user interface that allows users to express their individuality online
        as they would offline.
     -- Scrapblog, Inc. -- combines the storytelling aspect of
        scrapbooks with the publishing power of blogs.
     -- HeyLetsGo, Inc. -- connects people with local events and
        an active local community to enhance their offline social life.
     -- Yoriwa, Inc. -- LeapTag employs user-customized tags to find matching
        content online, becoming more sophisticated as the user rates the
        search results.
     -- adaptiveblue, LLC -- Blueorganizer Browser Extension for Firefox is a
        semantic Web tool that redefines how people collect, manage, discover
        and share information.
     "DEMOfall opened with exciting demonstrations from Dash Navigation,
 Tribeca Labs, and Pluggd and we closed the conference will equally heady
 stuff," said Shipley. "Eluma's community-driven, brandable marketing
 application will mean increased customer loyalty and revenue for the smart
 organizations that adopt this platform. And the Cozi Central message center
 profoundly enhances family communications in the digital age. It's been a
 tremendously enlightening couple of days here at DEMOfall."
     DEMOgod Awards and Media Panel Review
     Chris Shipley took the stage one final time to announce the recipients
 of the DEMOfall DEMOgod awards. Bestowed on the speakers that most
 effectively and charmingly communicate the salient attributes of their
 products despite the intensity of the DEMO stage, DEMOgod awards honor
 grace under pressure. DEMOfall award winners are:
     -- Data Security Systems Solutions, Inc.
     -- Eluma
     -- Fonpods, Inc.
     -- i-Lighter, Inc.
     -- Mercora, Inc.
     -- Moixa Energy Holdings, Ltd.
     -- RingCube, Inc.
     -- uControl, Inc.
     At the conclusion of a full day, DEMOfall attendees tuned into the
 media roundtable, designed to give well-respected national business
 reporters the opportunity to opine about the business models and ideas
 debuted at the conference. Begun at DEMO 2006 in February, the media
 roundtable is already a much-anticipated element of the event program.
 Panelists at DEMOfall were:
     -- Victoria Murphy Barret, Associate Editor, Silicon Valley Bureau, Forbes
     -- John Gallant, President & Editorial Director, Network World
     -- Kara Swisher, Co-Producer, D: All Things Digital & Staffer, Wall Street
     -- Steve Wildstrom, "Technology & You" Columnist, BusinessWeek
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 Media partners are American Venture Magazine, PR Newswire,
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