Dendritic Nanotechnologies Announces Initial Roll-Out of New Priostar Dendrimer Family

DNT's Dendritic Polymer Nanotechnology Offers Wide Range of Applications

Across Industrial, Diagnostics and Medical Industries

Jun 19, 2006, 01:00 ET from Dendritic Nanotechnologies Inc.

    CHICAGO (National Plastics Exhibition), June 19 /PRNewswire/ --
 Dendritic Nanotechnologies Inc. (DNT), a technology company that develops
 advanced dendritic polymers used to produce commercial products, today
 announced that Priostar(TM) dendrimers are available on a limited basis to
 the commercial sector. This new product line of nanoscale building blocks
 represents a year-long effort by DNT to drive down the manufacturing costs
 associated with nanotechnology, and to refine the technology for
 mass-market commercialization.
     DNT is exhibiting in Booth 584 at this year's National Plastics
 Exhibition to introduce Priostar to the plastics community and to
 demonstrate how nanotechnology can be harnessed by materials manufacturers
 as they address new market opportunities.
     "The National Plastics Exhibition comes at a perfect time for DNT as we
 are ramping up our production on Priostar," said Ryan Hayes, DNT's director
 of business development. "We are eager to work with scientists in the
 industrial sector who are wrestling with complex formulation and
 manufacturing problems. We believe we can solve many of these with our
 Priostar dendrimers and provide them with alternatives to ground-down
     Priostar dendrimers offer new opportunities to plastics manufacturers
     Priostar dendrimers represent the synergistic combination of polymers
 with nanotechnology. They are a part of the fourth class of polymer
 architectures defined as dendritic polymers. The nanoscale size and
 dendritic (or highly branched) nature of these precision polymeric
 nanostructures provide new properties and reactivity that has been known at
 the research level for a number of years, but lacked an affordable
 dendrimer to commercialize.
     In addition to reduced cost, the new dendrimer family has added
 benefits such as improved thermal and hydrolytic stability. These are
 important considerations for handling, shelf-life, shipping, and final
 product stability. Initially, Priostar dendrimers could be used as
 high-performance additives to address polymer manufacturers' need for new
 technologies that can reduce curing times, enable them to process additives
 into a new formulations, or improve strength and durability.
     "These improvements should lead to the evaluation of dendrimers for
 applications in which dendrimers were previously dismissed-even though they
 witnessed unique property enhancements," stated Dr. Robert Berry, CEO of
 DNT. "In addition, Priostar offers the added benefit of new patent life
 which provides our business partners an opportunity to protect their market
 sectors. We are aiming to establish a limited number of business
 partnerships for commercial research that could lead to direct
     About Priostar Dendrimers
     The Priostar family of dendrimers share and improve upon the physical
 properties of the widely researched STARBURST(TM) PAMAM dendrimers, which
 were invented by Dr. Donald Tomalia, DNT's president and chief technology
 officer. The size and shape of a dendrimer are determined by shells (known
 as generations) grown around a core structure, while the reactivity of the
 dendrimer is determined by its surface chemical functionality, together
 with size and shape. The ability to attach chemical compounds to the
 surface or to encapsulate them within the interior of the dendrimer have
 made STARBURST dendrimers attractive to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and
 materials companies.
     The Priostar family of dendrimers serves as a major nanostructure
 platform that will have broad commercial application. These dendrimers will
 find value in the industrial sector as they will help develop new products
 and improve existing technologies for surface coatings, sensors, catalysts,
 nanofabrication, solid state lighting, surfactants, binders,
 antimicrobials, lotions, cosmetics, pigments, dyes, ion exchange media, and
     About DNT
     DENDRITIC NANOTECHNOLOGIES INC. (DNT) develops dendrimer structures
 that assist business partners in producing commercial products -- where
 dendrimers are the added value differentiator. DNT was incorporated in
 2003, is a U.S. company with 16 employees, and is located in Mount
 Pleasant, Michigan. DNT's technology development is directed by Donald A.
 Tomalia, Ph.D., President and Chief Technical Officer. Dr. Tomalia is the
 inventor of dendrimers and has led numerous commercial developments during
 a 25-year management and senior scientist career with The Dow Chemical
     Dendrimers are nanostructures with specific, precise and predictable
 physical properties that make them especially useful for pharmaceuticals,
 medical imaging, electronics, materials, and the mass commercial markets.
 DNT has a broad and comprehensive IP portfolio that comprises over 200
 patents in 41 patent families -- a unique level of IP concentration among
 nanotechnology companies -- and has existing licensing agreements with
 established revenue streams for dendrimer technology. See
     Starpharma (ASX: SPL) is an equity holder in DNT and is focused on the
 development and application of dendrimer nanotechnologies as drugs against
 major diseases. Starpharma's lead dendrimer product, VivaGel(TM) is
 currently in U.S. FDA Phase II human clinical trials. VivaGel is a topical
 microbicide gel product that has been developed for women as a preventative
 against the sexual transmission of HIV.
     NOTE: Priostar and STARBURST are trademarks of Dendritic
 Nanotechnologies Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are held by
 their respective owners.

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