Dendritic NanoTechnologies Appoints Dow Chemical Licensing Manager to Board of Directors

Mar 28, 2005, 00:00 ET from Dendritic NanoTechnologies Inc.

    MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich., March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Dendritic NanoTechnologies
 Inc. (DNT), a technology company that is a leading developer and provider of
 advanced dendritic polymers, or "dendrimers," today announced it has appointed
 Michael Pirc, a chemical engineer and licensing manager for The Dow Chemical
 Company (NYSE:   DOW), to the company's Board of Directors. Dendrimers are
 nanostructures with specific, precise and predictable physical properties that
 make them especially useful for targeting diseases and delivering drugs to
 fight them.
     In his capacity as Dow's business manager for the Dow Technology Licensing
 Business, Pirc has overseen licensing for a broad range of Dow's business
 ventures. At DNT, Pirc will help the company better position itself to engage
 companies that wish to license DNT's unique dendrimer technologies.
     In January, DNT announced a strategic partnership with Dow and DNT
 investor Starpharma, an Australia-based dendrimer developer
 (ASX: SPL, OTC Bulletin Board:   SPHRY). This agreement means that DNT owns the
 world's broadest dendrimer patent portfolio (196 patents comprising 41 patent
 families). Pirc, who was instrumental in the agreement between Dow and DNT,
 and who has extensive experience with Dow's dendrimer intellectual property,
 is uniquely positioned to identify potential licensing arrangements for DNT's
 technology and help bring those arrangements to fruition.
     "Thanks in part to Mike's efforts while heading technology licensing at
 Dow, DNT was able to acquire the majority of intellectual property in the
 dendrimer field," said Robert Berry, chief executive officer, Dendritic
 NanoTechnologies. "We simply could not have found a board member who would be
 in a better position to help us take our comprehensive dendrimer portfolio to
 a wider base of licensees. In addition, with his background as a chemical
 engineer, his extensive research into polymers, and his experience managing
 dendrimer licensing with Dow, Mike comes to DNT's board with a resume that is
 tailor-made for the role. We're thrilled to have him on the team."
     "The development and agreement of mutually beneficial licensing agreements
 is a key element in DNT's business plan," said Mike Pirc, business manager,
 Dow Technology Licensing. "As a board member, I intend bring my licensing
 experience to bear on DNT's forthcoming business ventures, and to guide and
 assist Bob and his team in maximizing the potential of the company."
     Dendrimer technology was first developed at Dow when DNT founder Donald
 Tomalia was a Dow employee. DNT's initial research and licensing efforts
 include imaging contrast agents for new diagnostic solutions for enhancing the
 findings of MRIs, transfection reagents for RNA-I delivery with improved gene
 silencing with less toxicity, and encapsulation and release of
 palatinate-based anti-cancer drugs to reduce the toxicity and side effects of
 their use. With the assignment of the Dow patent portfolio, DNT owns the
 world's broadest intellectual property position in dendrimer science.
     About DNT
     Dendritic NanoTechnologies Inc. (DNT) is a technology company that is a
 leading developer and provider of advanced dendritic nanoscale polymers.
 Dendrimers are nanostructures with specific, precise and predictable physical
 properties that make them especially useful for pharmaceuticals, medical
 imaging, electronics, materials, and the mass commercial markets. DNT has a
 broad and comprehensive IP portfolio that comprises over 200 patents in
 41 patent families -- a unique level of IP concentration among nanotechnology
 companies -- and has existing licensing agreements with established revenue
 streams for dendrimer technology. DNT's business strategy is to establish
 dendrimer technology, through licensing agreements, as the preferred
 nanotechnology enabling platform from which to build value and generate
 revenue for DNT and its customers. DNT's technology development is directed by
 Donald A. Tomalia Ph.D., the company's president and chief technical officer.
 Dr. Tomalia had a 25-year management and senior scientist career with The Dow
 Chemical Company, has numerous commercial developments including Citrucel(R)
 (now marketed by GlaxoSmithKline) and cationic polymerization of 2-oxazolines,
 and is the inventor and originator of the term "dendrimers." Incorporated in
 2003, DNT is a U.S. company located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. .

SOURCE Dendritic NanoTechnologies Inc.