Denver Mattress Company and Bedroom Expressions Help Get You Through Your Restless Nights

Mar 02, 2004, 00:00 ET from Denver Mattress Company

    DENVER, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- It's 3:00PM and you find yourself dragging
 your feet while your eyes suddenly begin to burn.  Before you know it you are
 counting down the minutes until you can go home ... and catch up on the work
 that you did not finish that afternoon.  5AM the alarm rudely awakes you and
 off you are to another day.  Exhausting, don't you think?
     Take time out and recharge yourself by getting a good night's sleep.  The
 quality and quantity of your sleep can make all the difference in how
 productive you'll be the next day.  Your bedroom plays a major role in your
 life and your health.  It should be quiet and relaxing, a sanctuary where you
 can unwind and leave the day behind.  Unwelcome noise, an uncomfortable or
 worn-out mattress and foundation, or a room that's too warm or too cool can
 prevent that blissful night of slumber that your body needs and thrives on.
     Denver Mattress(R) Co. and Bedroom Expressions(R) can help solve your
 problem by creating a comfortable sleep environment and by re-discovering your
 bedroom as your own personal haven.
     Sleep Environment
     It's difficult to sleep on a bed that's too small, too soft, too hard, or
 too old.  Your bodies change over time, and your need for adequate comfort and
 support increases as you get older.  Therefore having a mattress that is
 10 years old or older is one of the reasons you are not getting that restful
 sleep you need.  The following are a few reasons you can tell if your mattress
 has run its course:
      * Are you regularly waking up feeling stiff and sore?
      * Are you sleeping as well as you did a year ago?
      * Are there visible signs of wear and tear?
     After you have decided it is time for a new mattress keep these tips in
 mind while you are out shopping, this guide will help you determine the best
 mattress for you:
      * Comfort.  A mattress does not have to be as hard as a board to be good
        for you.  While the firmness or softness of foam is a personal choice,
        the quality is measured in terms of density.  The higher the foam
        density, the more comfort.
      * Space.  Focus your attention on mattresses that will give you ample
        room to move around comfortably.  Couples should look at a queen or
        king-size mattresses to ensure that each person has enough room to move
        around freely.
      * Support.  Pay special attention to your shoulders, hips, and lower
        back.  If there is not enough support you could develop back pain.  If
        the mattress is too hard for you, you can experience uncomfortable
        pressure.  Support is provided by the spring system.  A good coil
        system allows your hips and shoulders to sink slightly, while adjusting
        into the small of your back, evening out the pressure and allowing your
        muscles to relax.
     Your Personal Haven
     One of the top trends of the decade is using the bedroom as a place to
 escape.  You, as consumers are spending large amounts of money on bedroom
 furniture, pillows, comforters and accessories to create a little bit of
 paradise in your own home.  Beyond sleep, your bedroom serves many different
 functions throughout the day.  Keep this in mind when looking for furniture
 and accessories.  By keeping a mental note of the necessities you will need to
 create this haven the greater chance you will not overspend on useless items.
 The following are some ideas to create a soothing haven.
      * Rustic Furniture establishes a deep-woods feel, such as adding knotty
        pine and perhaps a leather chair to help enhance the tranquility of a
        cabin.  Floral fabrics draping across your bed and windows will bring
        the beauty of peace and tranquility in your room.
      * Old Fashion Elegance such as a four poster bed in deep mahogany creates
        a comfort rich in tradition and sophistication.  Decorating your bed in
        layers of fabric transforms it into a relaxing getaway.  Choose colors
        in deep tones to maintain the rich look that is carried throughout your
      * Crisp and Fresh use of bold colors on the wall will capture your
        attention every time you enter your room.  The charming rod iron bed
        will become the main focus and yet will not overwhelm your space.  With
        taller side tables on either side will allow you to easily reach over
        and turn your lamp off for the night.  The room will bring an immediate
        calming sensation with use of color and material that is used
     Your Furniture Resource
     You don't need to buy the most expensive furniture to assure good
     For instance, Denver Mattress(R) is both a mattress manufacturer and
 retailer.  The company uses the same materials as leading brand-name
 manufacturers, but because it makes and sells its own mattresses, it
 eliminates the middleman markup.  That means you can get a mattress that's
 every bit as good as those from brand-name manufacturers -- but about
 50 percent less expensive.
     "The value of a mattress goes beyond price," says Bob Rensink, General
 Manager of manufacturing for Denver Mattress Company.  "It also means high
 quality.  Denver Mattress Company can ensure both good prices and high quality
 because we manufacture and retail our products."
     Bedroom Expressions(R) is another furniture resource that provides a
 unique retail experience, a single store specializing in bedroom furniture,
 offering consumers a larger selection of better quality bedroom furniture at
 affordable prices.
     Denver Mattress(R) Company and Bedroom Expressions(R) are both operations
 of Furniture Row Companies, the fourth largest family-owned specialty home
 furnishings and bedding retailer.  Furniture Row(R) Companies also comprises
 Oak Express(R), Sofa Mart(R), Big Sur(R) waterbeds and Furniture Row(R)
     For further information please contact: Danielle Leigh of Furniture Row
 Companies, +1-303-293-2437,

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