Detroit Homeland Security Strategy - One of Nation's First - Complete with Mayor's Appointment

Detroit Heralded as National Pioneer in Local Homeland Security Strategies

Sep 09, 2002, 01:00 ET from City of Detroit

    DETROIT, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick today announced
 the appointment of Shelby L. Slater as Detroit's Homeland Security and
 Emergency Management Director -- one of the first such positions for local
 government in the nation.  This announcement comes five months after unveiling
 one of the nation's first local homeland security strategies.  The Mayor made
 the announcement following President George Bush's visit to Detroit to discuss
 border security with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.
     "As one of the nation's largest border cities, we must be at the forefront
 of homeland security preparation and planning," said Mayor Kilpatrick.  "In
 April, we said that we would move aggressively on this plan and today is
 further evidence of our commitment to secure the citizens and resources of
 this city and region as a part of domestic defense."
     The City of Detroit's 10-point homeland security strategy is being used as
 a national model and is regarded by the federal government as one of the
 leading models at the local level in homeland security.  The announcement of
 Shelby L. Slater as coordinator is the final piece of the puzzle for the five-
 month-old strategy.  Slater will be responsible for the implementation of
 Detroit's Homeland Security strategy's 10-point action plan.
     "Shelby's entire career has been serving in a military or paramilitary
 position, leading a team towards accomplishing a mission," Mayor Kilpatrick
 said.  "There is no bigger mission than the coordination of our homeland
 security efforts and emergency management system."
     Slater is a longtime veteran of security planning and implementation.
 Slater was one of the first in the state of Michigan to be certified as an
 emergency management professional later serving as southeast Michigan's
 Emergency Management Coordinator.  As a 23-year veteran of the Michigan State
 Police, Slater held several supervisory positions including leading a staff
 specializing in nuclear security.
     Slater also attended the FBI National Academy and U.S. Secret Service
 Dignitary Protection School.  He has earned several awards in the area of
 security and law enforcement including a departmental citation for bravery,
 and awards for professional excellence.  He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan
 University where he earned a bachelor's degree in police administration and a
 master's degree in liberal studies.  He is currently a doctoral candidate in
 the School of Public Administration at Kennedy-Western University.
     As a part of its homeland security strategy announced in April, the
 Kilpatrick Administration developed a 10-point action plan to become proactive
 in its efforts to prepare locally for homeland defense.  After extensive
 review of city government, a 10-point plan was developed to cover the
 following areas:
     *  Action 1 -  Appointing a homeland security director for implementation
     *  Action 2 -  Developing a comprehensive emergency response strategy
     *  Action 3 -  Leading a regional effort for establishing a safe and
                    secure border
     *  Action 4 -  Connecting and expanding police, fire, EMS radio and
                    wireless systems
     *  Action 5 -  Upgrading the city's E9-1-1 system and improvement of non-
                    emergency service's accessibility
     *  Action 6 -  Deploying an electronic public health surveillance system
     *  Action 7 -  Improving information sharing between federal, state,
                    county and local public safety and other appropriate
     *  Action 8 -  Mobilizing local communities to work with authorities to
                    prevent future acts of domestic terrorism
     *  Action 9 -  Developing comprehensive training programs for healthcare
                    providers, first responders and necessary personnel
     *  Action 10 - Developing a prioritized list of projects, events and
                    programs for pursuing additional state and federal
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SOURCE City of Detroit