Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick Thanks Angels' Night Volunteers

Nov 01, 2002, 00:00 ET from City of Detroit

    DETROIT, Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of what will go down in
 Detroit history as the safest Angels' Night period to date, Mayor Kwame M.
 Kilpatrick today thanked the tens of thousands of volunteers who made the
 citywide effort a success.  This year, an estimated 40,000 volunteers
 participated in the three-day volunteer campaign -- making it the largest
 Angels' Night volunteer turnout ever.
     "This type of turnout for Angels' Night is further proof of the tremendous
 spiritual movement that is taking place in our city," said Mayor Kilpatrick.
 "When the efforts to take back our neighborhoods were initiated some 17 years
 ago, people dreamed of a day like this where our children and grandchildren
 wouldn't have to worry about arson during a national period of family fun."
     This year, the number of fires on each night during the three-day Angels'
 Night period -- and the total number of fires for the entire period -- fell
 below the average experienced on any typical day.  This year's total number of
 fires for the three-day Angels' Night period, from October 29-31, was 110.  In
 the 24-hour period beginning at midnight on Oct. 29, there were 32 fires.  In
 the same time span on Oct. 30, the number was 37.  On Halloween, Oct. 31,
 there were 41 fires.
     In total, the numbers were down from last year's figures, resulting in a
 30 percent drop in total fires and a 41 percent drop in suspicious fires.
 "City residents and metro Detroiters alike -- concerned, caring people from
 all walks of life -- took the time to look out for Detroit during our 2002
 Angels' Night Volunteer Campaign," said Mayor Kilpatrick.
     "Those volunteer city angels wrapped their arms around Detroit and
 patrolled neighborhoods, turned on porch lights, and adopted abandoned
 buildings, helping to ensure that Detroit's neighborhoods were protected from
 would-be arsonists throughout the Halloween weekend," he added.
     Mayor Kilpatrick also expressed his appreciation for the unprecedented
 coverage and support of the media and corporate citizens in the community.
     As in previous years, a 6 p.m. curfew for those 18 and under was enforced
 as a part of the three-day campaign.  This year, there were 104 curfew
 violators detained at neighborhood precincts.
     In terms of arson arrests, there were a total of 19 arrests during the
 Angels' Night period but no arson-related arrests on Halloween, Oct. 31.
     "This is further proof that our message about volunteerism took root, and
 underscores the importance of our community joining together to provide other
 activities for our young people during Angels' Night," the Mayor added.
     Key elements of the 2002 Angels' Night Volunteer Campaign included:
     *  Neighborhood patrols
     *  The Adopt-A-House, orange ribbon, and porch light programs
     *  A strict youth curfew from 6 p.m. on Oct. 30 to 6 a.m. on Oct. 31 for
 those under age 18.
     Several government agencies also contributed to the Angels' Night effort
 by participating in the FireNet Program, a multi-jurisdictional effort to
 catch and arrest arsonists coordinated by the Detroit Fire Department and
 Detroit Police Department.  Participating agencies included: U.S. Marshals;
 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; the Michigan State Police; the
 Michigan State Fire Marshal; and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.
 Additionally, more than 75 organizations donated invaluable money, food,
 telephones, and other goods and services to the Angels' Night effort.
     The City of Detroit awarded prizes and certificates to 29 talented
 children who entered the Angels' Night Poster, Essay and Oratorical Contests.
 The children publicly received recognition from Mayor Kilpatrick, family
 members and other Detroiters at the Mayor's Annual Angels' Night Volunteer
 Rally at King High School on Oct. 26.
     This year, the City received 1,785 contest entries from students attending
 public and private schools across the city.
     Students were asked to submit posters, essays, poems, speeches or raps
 focusing on one of three themes, "Respect Detroit," "I Can Make a Difference
 in Detroit," and "What I Can Do to Fight Arson."  The grand prize was a new
 computer system complete with a printer.  Second-place prizes were digital
 cameras, and the third-place prize was a $100 gift certificate from Toys "R"
     Elementary School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Jamal Simmons        Mann Elementary
     Second-place winner:        Artina Gomez         Carleton Elementary
     Third-place winner:         Torianna Hudson      Academy of Fine &
                                                      Performing Arts - East
     Middle School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Stephanie Taylor     Bates Academy
     Second-place winner:        Charles Ellis        Academy of Fine &
                                                      Performing Arts - East
     Third-place winner:         Marisa Richmond      Winans Academy of
                                                      Performing Arts
     High School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         William Jacobs       Crockett Career Center
     Second-place winner:        Joseph McTere Jr.    Cass Technical High
     Third-place winner:         Danah Givens         Renaissance High School
     Elementary School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Bailey McFadden      Bates Academy
     Second-place winner:        Dale Dorsey          Marshall Elementary
     Third-place winner:         Imani Eagan          Barbara Jordan Elementary
     Middle School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Karhonda Ransom      Whitney Young Middle
     Second-place winner:        Devon Porter         David Ellis Academy
     (Three-way tie for third place)
     Third-place winners:        Lamont Foster        Spain Middle School
                                 Crystal Davis        South Rademacher
                                                      Recreation Center
                                 Cristy Miles         Cornerstone Schools
     High School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Douglass Davis       Crockett Career &
                                                      Technical Center
     Second-place winner:        Steven Jackson       Cass Technical High
     Third-place winner:         Brittany Young       Cass Technical High
     Elementary School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Christian Williams   Edison-Oakland Public
     Second-place winner:        Taryn Sanford        Spain Elementary School
     Third-place winner:         Alan Byrd            Bates Academy
     Middle School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Kiara Altman         Aisha Shule Academy
     Second-place winner:        Oni Carver           Hally Middle School
     Third-place winner:         Marchelle McClung    Hally Middle School
     High School Category
     Grand-prize winner:         Zakiya Polk          Renaissance High School
     Second-place winner:        Elisse Ramey         Cass Technical High
     Third-place winner:         Rita Carter          Cody High School
     To see the winning entries, visit or .
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SOURCE City of Detroit