Dialpad Launches Unlimited Calling to the U.S. and Canada for $11.99 Per Month: DialpadUSA

Award-Winning Service Is Now Available at Half the Price of Competitors

Jan 06, 2005, 00:00 ET from Dialpad Communications, Inc.

    MILPITAS, Calif., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Dialpad Communications, Inc.
 (www.dialpad.com), a leading global provider of Voice over Internet Protocol
 (VoIP) services, today announced the availability of its new unlimited calling
 service, DialpadUSA.  Now available to consumers nationwide, DialpadUSA allows
 users to make unlimited calls to the United States (U.S.) and Canada for a low
 monthly fee of $11.99.  In addition, the new service comes with a broadband
 adapter, the dpPhone, which bridges the gap between VoIP and the traditional
 telephone network (PSTN) by combining the two services into one phone.
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      *Photo Caption: Dialpad dpPhone(tm) Broadband Phone.
     DialpadUSA(TM) subscribers are afforded the best of both the traditional
 and VoIP calling worlds, as they are able to continue receiving incoming calls
 on their traditional PSTN lines, and place outgoing calls using their
 Dialpad(R) account through the same telephone.  All 911 calls, as well as any
 calls made during a power or network outage, will be routed through the user's
 existing PSTN service.  In addition, the dpPhone(TM) also improves on industry
 standards by offering a built-in router, allowing its use without requiring
 the purchase of a separate router or home network.
     "With DialpadUSA, we set out to create a product that delivers the cost
 savings of VoIP, and still supports the many PSTN features that users care
 about," said Craig Walker, CEO, Dialpad.  "The continued rise of DSL
 penetration in the U.S. has created a contingency of broadband users who are
 forced to keep their underlying PSTN service even if they want to switch to
 VoIP.  With this new service, we are responding to these users' needs and
 providing them with all the reliability of PSTN that they have come to expect
 in times of crises, such as power and network outages, and 911 emergencies,
 while offering them an award-winning VoIP service at a fraction of the cost of
 our competitors."
     A recent report by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shows that
 the number of DSL subscribers in the U.S. grew at a rate of 20% in the first
 half of 2004, compared to 13% growth for broadband cable users, with more than
 11 million DSL users to date.  These users are required to keep their
 underlying PSTN service, as the FCC ruled that the phone companies were no
 longer required to offer unbundled network elements to their competitors;
 DialpadUSA is generally targeted at these DSL subscribers, as well as to other
 broadband users who are not willing to completely cut the cord with their
 telephone company.  DialpadUSA provides users with a seamless calling
 experience; the service (and its device) requires no onsite technical support
 for installation and set-up, and customers can still receive calls through
 every telephone jack in the home.  DialpadUSA lets users make e911 calls
 through their local phone company, allows calls to be placed during power or
 network outages, and is easily used from remote locations through Dialpad's
 softphone, which is accessible for free from any PC in the U.S., and can be
 used on virtually any Internet connection -- including dial-up.
     "The advantage of combining the PSTN and VoIP services, rather than wholly
 replacing the PSTN service, is that it solves the problems that have most
 vexed the VoIP providers in the U.S.; namely, how to make outbound phone calls
 in times of power or network outages, how to integrate with the existing
 911 system, and how to make all of the phone jacks in the house work for
 incoming calls," Mr. Walker continued.  "DialpadUSA resolves all of these
 issues and allows a user to have unlimited local, local toll and long-distance
 calling for a very low monthly price."
     For additional information or to sign up for dialpadUSA, please visit our
 Web site, http://www.dialpad.com, or send an email to info@dialpad.com.
     About Dialpad Communications
     Dialpad Communications, Inc. was founded in 1999 and has been a leading
 provider of high-quality Internet calling services since its introduction,
 generating over 300 million calls and 2 billion minutes of VoIP to PSTN
 services to and from users in more than 200 countries worldwide.  Dialpad's
 patented technology has made it the Internet's best phone call, with a large
 portfolio of services designed to bring the benefits of VoIP to all consumers
 around the world.  The company is based in Milpitas, CA and can be reached at
 http://www.dialpad.com.  Dialpad Communications, Dialpad and the Dialpad logo
 are trademarks of Dialpad Communications, Inc., and are registered in certain
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