Diana Ross' New Manhattan/EMI Music Marketing Album, I Love You, is Week's Highest Debut on Billboard's Top 200 Chart at #32

First Week Sales of More Than 21,000 Provide Ross' Highest Chart Debut and

Strongest Sales Week in the SoundScan Era

I Love You Available Now on CD, Deluxe Edition CD/DVD and Digitally

Jan 24, 2007, 00:00 ET from Manhattan/EMI Music Marketing

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- With its debut at #32, Diana
 Ross' new Manhattan/EMI Music Marketing album, I Love You, is the highest
 new entry on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart this week. The #32 debut with
 first-week sales totaling 21,222 marks Ms. Ross' highest chart debut and
 strongest sales week in the SoundScan era. I Love You also peaked at #3 on
 iTunes Top 100 R&B chart and at #47 on iTunes Overall Top 100 chart, and at
 Amazon.com, the album reached the #41 position in overall popular music
 sales during its debut week.
     Diana Ross is a global entertainment icon, a legendary musical treasure
 whose music has, for decades, inspired romance, happiness and joy. For her
 new studio album, Ms. Ross has drawn inspiration from romantic songs that
 have touched her heart through the years, and she has dedicated the album
 to this most powerful universal emotion: love. I Love You, released January
 16 by Manhattan/EMI in CD and deluxe CD/DVD packages and digitally,
 presents 14 songs personally selected for the album by Diana Ross in
 appreciation of their timeless, classic expressions of love and romance,
 including a brand new song, "I Love You (That's All That Really Matters),"
 a gentle ballad that captures the emotion of romance.
     On I Love You's January 16 release date, Ms. Ross made several special
 TV appearances, including an interview with Diane Sawyer and a three-song
 Winter Concert Series performance with her band on ABC's "Good Morning
 America," an interview and two-song performance on ABC's "Live With Regis &
 Kelly" and an interview and performance with her band on CBS' "The Late
 Show With David Letterman." Upcoming TV appearances include "Martha: The
 Martha Stewart Show" airing Friday, January 26, and a rare, two-hour
 "Inside The Actors Studio" special, premiering President's Day, Monday,
 February 19 on Bravo.
     I Love You's package includes stunning photos by Herb Ritts, Randee St.
 Nicholas and Douglas Kirkland and a letter to fans from Ms. Ross, who
 executive produced I Love You. The package also contains notes from the
 album's co-executive producer, Marylata E. Jacob, a Grammy-nominated music
 supervisor and producer whose professional relationship with Ms. Ross spans
 22 years, Peter Asher, who produced nine of the album's tracks, and who has
 collaborated with Ms. Ross on many of her most cherished recordings, and
 the producer of five of the album's tracks, Steve Tyrell, who has produced
 many recordings with Ms. Ross, including "Big Bad Love" with Ray Charles,
 and in 2005 produced her duet with Rod Stewart, "I've Got A Crush On You,"
 the lead single from Stewart's Thanks For The Memory: The Great American
 Songbook I. I Love You's deluxe edition adds a DVD with a photo gallery and
 an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new album.
     Beginning and closing with Harry Nilsson's "Remember," the song that
 inspired Ms. Ross' vision for her new album, I Love You takes the listener
 on a vibrant journey through many of music's most timeless and recognizable
 affirmations of love. All of the songs chosen for the album are important
 and meaningful to Ms. Ross, from the sweet bounce of "More Today Than
 Yesterday," to the sultry allure of "I Want You," a song first recorded by
 Marvin Gaye that was co-written by Ms. Ross' brother, T-Boy Ross.
     "We wanted to create the quintessential album to be played at
 celebrations of love and life: weddings, family gatherings, intimate
 moments," explains Marylata Jacob. "I Love You is Diana's personal offering
 to honor these celebrations of love, from the glance of your first true
 love, through the joy of children, and love everlasting."
     Recorded at multiple studios in Southern California, New York and
 London, I Love You features soaring orchestral arrangements to accompany
 the broad range and sensitivity of Ms. Ross' vocals, one of the world's
 most cherished musical instruments. The best players and singers from Los
 Angeles, New York and London were involved with the new album, and Ms. Ross
 attended every session, from the initial demos to tracking, overdubs and
     "When I was in the studio, sharing these songs, I was filled with
 strong emotion," says Ms. Ross. "These songs, these singers, these
 musicians and all my fans are a gift of love to me."
     Says Peter Asher, who returns to working with Diana having produced her
 1991 hit album, The Force Behind The Power, "I am proud that not only have
 Diana and I remained friends for 41 years, but that I have again been given
 the opportunity to work with her extraordinary voice in the studio. Her
 contribution in the studio was very significant, above and beyond her
 singing -- itself seemingly unchanged by the passing years in its emotional
 intensity and brilliance, yet having gained a certain wisdom and clarity
 that makes you believe every word she sings. On this record she tells us an
 eternal story, and does so with ineffable brilliance and accuracy."
     The Songs:
     "Remember" by Harry Nilsson inspired the album and its concept as Ms.
 Ross listened to it while reminiscing over her family's photo albums. Its
 dreaminess conjures up memories of love and present feelings. Ms. Ross
 feels a connection to Nilsson's work, as she has often performed songs from
 Nilsson's acclaimed musical, "The Point," in concert.
     "More Today Than Yesterday" is a classic first performed by Spiral
 Starecase in the mid-1960s. Destined to be an audience favorite at Ms.
 Ross' concerts, the song is also one of her favorites. Ms. Ross' fun and
 bouncy new recording of the song is an inspired tribute to the joy of
 everlasting love.
     "I Want You," first recorded by Marvin Gaye in 1974, was co-written by
 Ms. Ross' beloved brother, T-Boy Ross, with Leon Ware. Ms. Ross delivers a
 smoldering, sultry take on this track that honors the original while making
 it wholly her own.
     "I Love You (That's All That Really Matters)" is a new original song, a
 gorgeous, heartfelt ballad. The writer, Fred White, has been touring with
 Ms. Ross as a back-up singer for six years. His experience of her live
 persona and vocal range inspired this song, written specifically with Ms.
 Ross in mind. Ms. Ross fell in love with the song, saying, "To be loved for
 who you are is the deepest expression of the purest love, wholly selfless
 and spiritual."
     "What About Love" was written for Oprah Winfrey's stage production of
 "The Color Purple." The composers are Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and
 Stephen Bray. Ms. Ross' relationship with Brenda Russell and her great
 friendship with Oprah inspired Ross' interest in the soundtrack, and she
 selected this powerful and moving song of love.
     "The Look of Love" -- Ms. Ross captures all of its romance and
 anticipation. This classic song was written by two of the finest song
 writers of all time, Hal David and Burt Bacharach.
     "Lovely Day" has a groove and a simple lyric that has universal appeal.
 "This song makes me dance," Ms. Ross says. "Everyone wants a lovely day."
 Written by Bill Withers.
     "Take My Breath Away" is the decade's quintessential love song. Ms.
 Ross adds her own signature style to it with her new recording. The
 original recording is by Berlin.
     "Only You" -- A new version decidedly Ms. Ross. Growing up in Detroit,
 listening to records while slow dancing under a single source of light was
 as close to heaven as it could get for Diana Ross, her own personal
 experience of young love.
     "To Be Loved" was written by the legendary Berry Gordy, Jr. and was
 originally recorded by Jackie Wilson in 1958. It is the ultimate
 declaration of love, and Ms. Ross deftly balances the emotion of the song's
 sensitive lyrics with an upbeat and boundless delivery.
     "I Will" -- Paul McCartney's simplicity of lyric and song melody made
 it a welcomed song for the heart of I Love You. Ms. Ross' sweet vocals and
 Peter Asher's long history with the Beatles brought a lovely perspective of
 range and depth to the new recording. "This Magic Moment," originally
 recorded by the Drifters, is made brand new with Ms. Ross' rendition. With
 its calypso-leaning arrangement and backing vocals, Ms. Ross' new version
 really pops.
     "You Are So Beautiful" -- The song was chosen for its universal message
 of love and kindness. "It reaches out and speaks not only to lovers, but to
 relationships of all kinds, mother to child, child to grandparent, sister
 to sister, friend to friend," says Ms. Ross.
     "Always And Forever" was written by famed songwriter Rod Temperton and
 originally recorded by Heatwave. Ms. Ross brings her brilliant sensitivity
 and gorgeous vocal delivery to the timeless love song for a magical
 contemporary classic.
     Closing the new album's romantic journey is a reprise of the song that
 started it all, "Remember."
     "It's time to say 'I Love You'," says Ms. Ross. "We must remember love
 in the past, nurture it in the present, and dream of it in the future."
     Diana Ross: I Love You
     1.       Remember
     2.       More Today Than Yesterday
     3.       I Want You
     4.       I Love You (That's All That Really Matters)
     5.       What About Love
     6.       The Look Of Love
     7.       Lovely Day
     8.       Take My Breath Away
     9.       Only You
     10.      To Be Loved
     11.      I Will
     12.      Magic Moment
     13.      You Are So Beautiful
     14.      Always And Forever
     15.      Remember Reprise
     Diana Ross: I Love You (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD)DVD contents: The Making
 Of I Love You + Photo Gallery

SOURCE Manhattan/EMI Music Marketing