DigitalCustom Issues Final 'Model Ethics Guidelines' to Protect The Integrity of Journalistic Photographs in Digital Editing

Feb 24, 2002, 00:00 ET from DigitalCustom Group, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- DigitalCustom Group, Inc. has
 issued its final draft "Model Guidelines To Protect the Integrity of
 Journalistic Photographs In Digital Editing" after a one-year comment period.
 The Model Guidelines are designed to assist news, travel and nature editors to
 formulate internal policies for the ethical, objective application of digital
 image editing procedures to journalistic photographs.
     The initial comment draft was prepared by DigitalCustom's executive staff
 and reviewed by its advisory board and creative personnel.  The final
 guidelines reflect the input of a variety of industry and professional sectors
 in response to the three comment drafts that were published in the past year.
     "These Model Guidelines make it easy for editors of news publications to
 set out the basic rules that pertain to the use of digital editing
 technology," said Jeff Makoff, DigitalCustom's President and CEO.  "While
 digital post-production is an essential part of contemporary photography, the
 misuse of digital manipulation is a growing problem.  The need for guidelines
 is obvious.  We found ourselves at the heart of a new industry, and decided to
 move the ethics discussion forward a step."
     The guidelines cover such topics as true-to-life and utility-enhancing
 manipulations, permissible and impermissible edits for news and editorial
 images, permissible and impermissible edits for promotional images for news
 publications and preservation of source materials and ancillary procedures.
     While the new guidelines are not labeled as a "comment" draft,
 DigitalCustom intends the guidelines to be a living document that will be
 revised periodically as discussion of the issues progress.
     DigitalCustom offers custom digital editing services to consumers and
 imaging professionals.  The Model Guidelines help DigitalCustom perform its
 function by enunciating "News Rules" -- things its digital editors will not do
 on a journalistic image unless a customer has clearly requested it.
     The Model Guidelines are available at
     About DigitalCustom
     DigitalCustom Group develops products that allow advertising/marketing
 agencies, media companies, photographers, in-house corporate departments,
 photo-retailers and consumers (through Image-Edit & Art) to outsource digital
 image editing work, and manage digital image editing workflow.
 DigitalCustom's corporate offices are in San Francisco and its worldwide
 customer service facility is in Cincinnati.
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