Dimatix Opens Silicon Valley Headquarters, R&D Center and Silicon-Based Manufacturing Facility in Move Aimed at Revolutionizing Digital Manufacturing

Technology Breakthrough Enables Printing of Nano-Particle Fluids for

Production of Electronic Circuits and Functions for RFID Tags, Flat Panel

Displays, Printed Circuit Boards, Bioscience Applications and More

May 16, 2005, 01:00 ET from Dimatix

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Dimatix, a leading provider of
 commercial and industrial ink jet products, today formally opened its Silicon
 Valley headquarters, R&D center and Silicon MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical
 Systems) Fabrication Facility in a 33,000 sq. ft. facility in Santa Clara,
     Dimatix has developed a unique MEMS process to create ultra-miniature ink
 jet structures within silicon, thus producing a new generation of printhead
 technology capable of supporting a wide range of fluids, from traditional inks
 to various functional fluids such as nano-particle-based metallic materials.
     Dimatix, Inc. is the new corporate name for Spectra, Inc., one of the
 world's most successful developers/manufacturers of high-performance ink jet
 printheads for industrial printing.  The company encompasses two divisions.
 The Spectra Printing Division remains at its location in Lebanon, New
 Hampshire, and continues the company's 20-year history of providing customers
 with new generations of high-performance printheads and components for a broad
 range of industrial, non-impact imaging applications, such as display
 graphics, coding and marking, and color printing.  The Materials Deposition
 Division is housed in the company's new California headquarters, and focuses
 on delivering products that enable companies to print, or deposit, functional
 fluids on all types of surfaces, including flexible substrates, electronic
 circuits and functions for RFID tags, flat panel displays, flexible displays,
 printed circuit boards, and a wide variety of other electronic and bioscience
     "We chose Silicon Valley for our corporate headquarters because the area's
 high tech electronic and bioscience industry infrastructure puts us close to
 many of our customers and gives us easy access to a highly qualified talent
 pool for expanding our business," stated John Batterton, Dimatix CEO and
 President.  "We are entering a new era in which the ability to jet functional
 fluid materials will enable improvements to manufacturing a broad range of
 electronic, bioscience and other products.  We are pleased that Dimatix is
 leading the way with our materials deposition technology."
     "Dimatix's application of silicon-based MEMS jetting technology to
 industrial ink jet printing will revolutionize the way companies manufacture
 their products by making the process faster, more cost-effective, and
 environmentally friendly," said Marlene Bourne, Vice President of Research and
 Principal Analyst, EmTech Research.  "The company's approach will change the
 face of the electronics and display markets by opening up applications that
 were never thought imaginable, and there are endless possibilities in other
 areas, particularly medicine, life sciences and chemicals."
     The Materials Deposition Division is leveraging Dimatix's industry-leading
 ink jet technology and silicon MEMS fabrication processes to develop and
 produce high-performance, precision fluid jetting for depositing picoliter-
 sized fluid droplets such as nano-particle liquid silver and organic inks on
 all types of surfaces.
     "Because materials are deposited only where needed, additive digital
 material deposition will change the way products are built, enabling
 micro-production processes that are extremely cost-effective, much less
 wasteful and more economical in small production volumes," commented Andreas
 Bibl, President of the Materials Deposition Division and CTO of Dimatix.
 "Low-cost, high volume, precise printing of nano-particle fluids have many
 applications, and will help strengthen manufacturing of electronic circuits
 and other products in the United States."
     The Spectra Printing Division continues to be a leading supplier of
 commercial and industrial ink jet products.  "With tens of thousands of
 printheads installed worldwide, we are applying our vast know-how and
 capabilities to deliver new systems and solutions that offer high performance,
 reliability and the ability to support the widest range of ink formulations
 for printing on even the most delicate or irregular surfaces," said Robert
 Rosenblum, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Dimatix's Spectra
 Printing Division.  "Our long and successful history speaks for itself, and we
 look forward to delivering best-in-class ink jetting systems for future
 generations of printers."
     Dimatix also announced that it has hired Andre Simone as its new Chief
 Financial Officer.  Simone was CFO at SAP Markets Inc., where he was a member
 of a core four-person executive team; ACTA Technology, where he completed
 private financing and prepared the company for an IPO; and ADAC Laboratories,
 a publicly traded company later acquired by Philips, where he was responsible
 for acquisitions, investor relations and finance.  Earlier in his career,
 Simone held a variety of positions including Foreign Currency Manager at
 Hewlett Packard and Consultant at Bain & Company.  Simone holds an MBA from
 The Wharton School and a B.S. degree from Stanford University.  Commenting on
 Simone's new role, Batterton stated, "Andre brings 25 years of solid
 experience in the finance and high tech industry, and will be an invaluable
 asset as we grow Dimatix's business."
     About Dimatix
     Dimatix is driving a revolution in micro-production technology that will
 deliver a new generation of applications in imaging, electronics and
 bioscience.  The company's technology innovations and world-class fabrication
 processes enable high-performance, precision printing and deposition of
 traditional inks and nano-particle fluids on all types of surfaces, including
 flexible substrates.  Dimatix is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-
 performance ink jet printheads and components used in a broad range of
 industrial, non-impact imaging applications through its Spectra Printing
 Division.  The Dimatix Materials Deposition Division is evolving ink jetting
 technology into a production process that lowers the cost, time and
 environmental impact of producing electronic circuits and functions for RFID
 tags, flat panel displays, circuit boards and other electronic and bioscience
 applications.  The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California; its
 Spectra division is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire; and its customer base
 is worldwide.
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