Dimension Data Launches Health Alert Network Solution To Help Combat Bioterrorism

Aug 28, 2002, 01:00 ET from Dimension Data Holdings, plc

    RESTON, Va., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Increased risk for potential major
 bioterrorist activities has raised an immediate need for comprehensive systems
 to share information quickly and securely.  Dimension Data Holdings, plc
 (London: DDT), a global technology services company, has developed a Health
 Alert Network portal solution to allow secure, immediate and collaborative
 content sharing and alerting functions.  Dimension Data has developed its
 solution in compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's
 (CDC) mandate for all local and state governments to implement a nationwide,
 integrated information and communications system that links emergency medical
 responders with public health officials. The company is currently doing work
 with one of the major U.S. metropolitan cities to address its health response
     Dimension Data's Health Alert Network portal solution enables early
 warning information, surrounding unusual disease outbreaks and bioterrorist
 events, to be distributed quickly and facilitates sharing of diagnostic and
 treatment information.  Doctors and hospital workers can have immediate access
 and distribution rights to documents such as disease fact sheets, protocols,
 and clinical guidelines.  The portal is designed to educate, support, and
 mobilize communities of interest on distinct health threats via a proven
 platform and intuitive interface that provides a high level of security.
 Dimension Data's portal solution was developed in conjunction with HP, Intel
 and Microsoft and was designed using the company's expertise in the healthcare
 industry.  Depending on a state or local health department's budget,
 resources, and existing IT infrastructure, Dimension Data's Health Alert
 Network can be either fully customized, custom packaged, or subscription-
     In addition to the distribution of health alerts and prevention
 guidelines, the system brings departments of health and the CDC a coordinated
 communications channel to conduct initiatives such as national disease
 surveillance and electronic laboratory reporting.
     Main features of the Dimension Data's Health Alert Network include:
     *  High-speed, secure Internet connection to provide instantaneous access
        to disease reports, CDC information, and response plans
     *  Early warning systems, including multi-channel alerting capabilities
        with sophisticated call-down abilities, to alert authorities and media
        of potential emergency situations
     *  Coordinated public health response
     *  Secure and scalable channel for local, state, and federal health
        authorities to coordinate with each other and law enforcement
     *  Distance-learning capacity to educate health care professionals
     *  Central library of current, accessible, and searchable clinical
        material for researching treatments
     Some examples where the Health Alert Network portal solution could be of
 use include:
     1.  A health department administrator posts an alert to the system.  The
         system recognizes the alert and sends a message to the alert broadcast
         system.  This system sends the message to local hospitals and CDC
         through pagers, cell phones, and e-mail.
     2.  Hospital "A" uploads a document and Hospital "B" downloads the same
         document, healthcare professionals at both locations can log into a
         chat room to discuss it.
     3.  The department of health has an infectious disease specialist giving a
         seminar so hospitals can log into the conferencing system to view the
         seminar online.
     Dimension Data is uniquely equipped to provide state and local governments
 with the multi-faceted communication system. The company's Health Alert
 Network solution includes a network assessment, building and deployment of the
 portal application, infrastructure integration, as well as training, hosting
 and maintenance.  Departments of Health can rely on Dimension Data as a single
 source throughout the lifecycle of the engagement thereby avoiding the need to
 manage multiple vendors.
     "For local and state governments, implementing an integrated
 communications system can be a daunting challenge," said Andrew Cohen,
 director of homeland security initiatives for Dimension Data North America.
 "The Health Alert Network provides governments with an easy-to-implement, cost
 effective system that meets the CDC's requirements and, at the same time,
 delivers far-reaching benefits for citizens."
     Please visit http://www.didata.com/han/han_overview.asp for more
 information on the Health Alert Network solution and Dimension Data.
     About Dimension Data
     Dimension Data Holdings plc (London: DDT) is a leading global technology
 services company.  It specializes in providing IT solutions that enable
 businesses to operate seamlessly across Application Networks (the result of
 the convergence of two previous separate areas of IT: application integration
 and network infrastructure).
     The Group's ability to offer expertise in networking, application
 integration and global managed services makes it uniquely positioned to
 deliver the IT solutions required by businesses to connect devices,
 information, applications, business processes, people and organizations.
     Dimension Data, founded in 1983, had revenues of $2.5 billion in 2001 and
 operates in 30+ countries with over 9,500 employees. For more information call
 866 DIDATA US or visit http://www.didata.com/.
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