Discovery's Sunrise Earth: Seaside Collection Highlights the New Day in Remote Coastal Locales

-- Experience the Wonders of Daybreak By the Beach On June 11 When Debuts Sunrise Earth: Seaside Collection on DVD and

BluRay --

Apr 30, 2008, 01:00 ET from Discovery Commerce

    SILVER SPRING, Md., April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Discovery's SUNRISE EARTH:
 SEASIDE COLLECTION is paradise found.
     As the world awakes to a new day, Discovery takes viewers to some of
 the world's most exotic locales in SUNRISE EARTH: SEASIDE COLLECTION,
 showcasing the sun as it gloriously rises above the sea. Spectacular views
 of azure blue and emerald green ocean waters welcome the new day introduced
 in a tranquil and unhurried environment when SUNRISE EARTH: SEASIDE
 COLLECTION debuts on DVD and online at June 11.
     SUNRISE EARTH: SEASIDE COLLECTION celebrates the morning eight stunning
 locales and shows how serene starting a day at the sea can be. The sun
 splashes long, golden rays of light on the ocean as seaside creatures
 emerge from sleep. From the rocky coasts of Maine to Australia's infamous
 Great Barrier Reef, Discovery presents rich and dynamic views of waking by
 magical bodies of water.
     Each episode of SUNRISE EARTH: SEASIDE COLLECTION runs approximately 45
 minutes. SUNRISE EARTH airs in the morning Monday through Friday from 7-8
 AM and 10-11 AM on HD Theater, Discovery's premiere HD network.
     Following are episode synopses:
     -- DISC A
     ISLAND FIRST LIGHT: Witness sunrise over the highest vantage point
 along the North Atlantic seaboard, Cadillac Mountain of Maine's Acadia
 National Park.
     THE GREAT BARRIER REEF: Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the largest
 coral reef ecosystem in the world - an underwater kingdom of living corals,
 fish, algae and seaweeds. Day begins along a pristine shoreline of white
     -- DISC B
     SOCIETY ISLAND SUNRISE: Halfway between California and Australia lie
 long curling strings of island chains, the five archipelagos of French
 Polynesia. As day brightens, terns dip the waves, chasing fish to feed
 their young. On a white crushed-coral beach, hermit crabs emerge.
     PLAYA GRANDE MOONSET: Once a month, as the sun rises over the beach,
 the full moon dips into the waves of the pacific in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
 Creatures of the beach begin to stir. Pelicans glide in formation. The
 soothingly eternal waves await the next full moon.
     -- DISC C
     MEDITERRANEAN PORT: It's daybreak on the turquoise coast, tucked
 somewhere within the folds of Turkey's 2,500 mile coastline. A light
 flashes green over a quiet sea. Fishermen prepare their small boats, hoping
 for a good day's catch of tuna, sardines, shrimp and squid.
     ARGENTINE SEAL PUPS: Day breaks in a slice of red over the Southern
 Atlantic Ocean and a colony of southern elephant seals and its new pups.
 Thus begins the month of suckling she will give her child. Gulls wheel
 overhead, drawn to this period of birthing.
     -- DISC D
     SUNRISE SEAL COLONY: Elephant seals crawl up the beach at California's
 Point Reyes National Seashore to soak up the first drops of daylight.
     NINAGIAK ISLAND: An island beach awakes with a splash of brilliant
 color in Ninagiak Island, Katmai National Park, over a hundred miles from
 the nearest Alaskan town. Clouds flare on arctic terns swarming in aerial
 acrobatics as horned and tufted puffins bob nearby.
     SUNRISE EARTH: SEASIDE COLLECTION is available for $49.95-DVD/$59.95
 BluRay and can be ordered online from
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