-The Jonas Brothers' Hollywood Records Debut Will Be the Industry's First

CDVU+ Release-

Jul 18, 2007, 01:00 ET from Hollywood Records

    BURBANK, Calif., July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollywood Records General
 Manager Abbey Konowitch and Senior Vice President of Marketing Ken Bunt
 were joined today by the label's hot young pop-punk trio, Jonas Brothers,
 to announce that the band's upcoming, self-titled album, "Jonas Brothers"
 due out August 7th, will be the music industry's first release via the
 brand-new CDVU+ (pronounced "CD view plus") technology. Together, label and
 band demonstrated the new musical experience that "reads" like a digital
 magazine full of exclusive content, hidden "easter eggs," and interactive
 goodies that, once downloaded, can be accessed both on and offline. CDVU+
 replaces the traditional CD booklet/jewel case with eco-friendly packaging
 (100% recyclable, 35% post- consumer) while still offering an unprecedented
 amount of content.
     Konowitch explained that, while Hollywood Records has had enormous
 recent success with chart-topping releases (Disney Music Group's Hilary
 Duff, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, Aly & AJ, High School Musical, Plain
 White T's, Jesse McCartney, Rascal Flatts etc.), the label sought to create
 a new way to combine the best of what physical product and the internet
 have to offer.
     "While the CD is still the primary means by which people consume music,
 it is also true that music fans are increasingly turning to the internet to
 connect, research, and consume music," said Abbey Konowitch, General
 Manager at Disney's Hollywood Records. "To address the changing consumer
 expectations, we've created a recognizable physical product that also
 serves as a key to unlock content that is exclusive, interactive, tailored
 to the band's fans, and updatable."
     Added Ken Bunt, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Disney's
 Hollywood Records, "The Jonas Brothers have amazing fans, and we are
 thrilled that we are able to give them this new experience that was created
 specifically with them in mind. We enlisted the services of Zinio, the
 leading digital publisher of magazines and books, which successfully
 produces, securely delivers, and sells digital editions of print
     The CDVU+ allows fans to be "fanatics" by offering:
     -- Offered in an easy-to-navigate digital magazine format.
     -- 50-page interactive digital package is printable and can be downloaded
        and then accessed both on and offline.
     -- Song lyrics, 10 different video segments with the band, behind the
        scenes footage.
     -- Video offers fans an intimate guitar instruction session with the band.
     -- Letter from the band.
     -- 75 printable photos of the band.
     -- Link to Flickr.com and JonasBrothers.com offers fans continually
        updated information and content including new photo albums and videos
        of The Jonas Brothers on tour.
     -- Customizable autographed poster creator where fans can upload their own
        image into different band scenarios.
     -- Special hidden links to exclusive content only available via CDVU+.
     -- CDVU+ is eco-friendly: 100% recycled material (35% post-consumer).
     The Disney Music Group encompasses all of the Walt Disney Studio's
 recorded music and music publishing operations, including Hollywood
 Records, Walt Disney Records, Lyric Street Records and Walt Disney Music
     When the Jonas Brothers debut album, "It's About Time" was released in
 August 2006, they struck an instant chord with teenaged music fans. Success
 followed as the pop-punk trio of New Jersey-based brothers made a splash on
 iTunes and Radio Disney charts and inclusion on The Walt Disney animated
 movie "Meet The Robinsons" soundtrack. Brothers, Kevin, age 19, Joe, age
 17, and Nick, age 14, have toured with The Backstreet Boys, Jesse
 McCartney, Aly & AJ and the Veronicas before headlining their own tour.
 They have also performed at major festivals and overseas with the USO Tour
 at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. They have been featured on MTV's
 TRL, NBC's Macy's Day Parade and the CBS Early Show, and on the cover of
 every tween magazine. Their MySpace webpage boasts nearly 3 million profile
 views. On August 7th, 2007, their highly-anticipated second album with
 Hollywood Records entitled "Jonas Brothers" will be released and will be
 the first album available in the new CDVU+ format.

SOURCE Hollywood Records