'DivXNetworks' Corporate Identity Unveiled by Leaders and Developers Of Popular DivX Video Compression Technology

First Step to Transition Preferred Movie Format From Underground to Mainstream

Jan 22, 2001, 00:00 ET from DivXNetworks, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Project Mayo, the international group
 of Internet and video technologists who are creating the next generation of
 the popular DivX(TM) video format, announced today a new corporate identity
 called DivXNetworks.  By leveraging the DivX brand, DivXNetworks, Inc.
 (www.divxnetworks.com) will focus on building a business model around DivX and
 developing the standard for high-quality broadband video -- a standard that
 will set the pace for fast, secure and easy Internet downloads of near
 DVD-quality movies and videos.
     DivXNetworks is the first step by Project Mayo to transition the preferred
 DivX video format from the underground to mainstream.  As a part of this
 process, the Project Mayo site (www.projectmayo.com) will become an open
 source DivX technology hosting site for Internet and video technology
     "DivXNetworks is entering the market at the right time.  Serious advances
 in video compression technology, Internet security and the rapid adoption of
 broadband and broadband-ready platforms over the past year have created a
 harmonic convergence that will fundamentally change the dynamics of the movie
 industry," said Jordan Greenhall, co-founder and CEO of DivXNetworks, Inc.
 "DivXNetworks will leverage all of these critical technologies to deliver pure
 viewing satisfaction to movie enthusiasts, while allowing the film and video
 industries to profit from a new distribution channel for their high-quality
     Later this year, DivXNetworks will announce the DivX Distribution
 System(TM), a sophisticated back-end infrastructure powered by the next
 generation of DivX technology that will deliver the following benefits to
 independent filmmakers, major film studios and video production houses:
     --  Quality -- delivery of near DVD-quality compressed to CD sizes.  With
         DivX, content providers can use the existing Internet to deliver to
         their viewers an experience that they are familiar with (e.g.,
         television and DVD) while maintaining the personalization power of the
     --  Security -- complete support for digital rights management (DRM)
         technology.  Secure transactions on the Internet and playback of
         content is limited to the person who purchased the content.
     --  Economics -- using the Internet as a distribution channel will come at
         a fraction of the cost of other popular channels, such as VHS, DVD and
         theatrical distribution, providing a less expensive means to deliver
         high-quality content directly to consumers.
     --  Speed, Instant gratification -- in 25 minutes or less, movie
         enthusiasts can download popular movies over a DSL or cable modem and
         enjoy near-DVD quality movies, without leaving the home or office.
     About DivXNetworks
     DivXNetworks is the leader and developer of DivX(TM), which is emerging as
 the standard for high-quality broadband digital video.  The company operates
 Project Mayo, the popular development site of the next generation of DivX
 technology.  DivXNetworks is transitioning the popular DivX video compression
 technology from the underground to mainstream, setting the pace for fast,
 secure and easy Internet downloads of near DVD-quality movies and videos.
 DivXNetworks is headquartered in San Diego, California, with satellite offices
 in New York and Los Angeles.  A European office will be opened soon in Paris,
 France.  For more information about DivXNetworks, visit
     About Project Mayo
     Created by the leaders and developers of DivX, the popular movie
 compression technology, Project Mayo is the first open source DivX technology
 hosting site for more than 10 million Internet and video technology
 enthusiasts around the world.  Its members include a former MP3.com executive,
 MPEG-4 experts, and "Gej," the creator of the DivX format.  Project Mayo can
 be reached at http://www.projectmayo.com.

SOURCE DivXNetworks, Inc.