DOD/DHS Workshop on Applying Nano-Technology to Chemical and Biological Defense and Homeland Security

Sep 06, 2005, 01:00 ET from Unconventional Concepts Inc.

    ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Unconventional Concepts Inc.
 (UCI(R)) today announced that it was convening a high-level workshop on "Nano-
 Technology Applications to Chemical and Biological Defense and Homeland
 Security," focusing on basic science and technology issues, to be held
 September 20-21, 2005.
     The event, sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Assistant to the
 Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense (DATSD/CBD), the U.S.
 Army National Protection Center (NPC), and the Department of Homeland
 Security/Science & Technology Directorate, will be held at the Dulles
 Marriott, just outside of Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C.
     Workshop chairman Michael J. Hopmeier, UCI(R) president, said that the
 workshop's three goals were to:
     * understand the current state of the art in nano-technology and research;
     * discuss where the technology and research is headed in the next decade;
     * gain an understanding of the organizations and methodologies available
       today to work with the nano-technology community.
     "As we enter the 21st Century, our military and civilian personnel face
 more complex threats both overseas and in our homeland," Hopmeier said. "Some
 of the ever-growing and highly complex missions we must undertake include
 chemical and biological defense and homeland security.  Towards this end, new
 technology approaches need to be exploited to meet these challenges."
     "For this reason, we have decided to assist in the review of existing
 nano-technology research programs that can enhance the chemical and biological
 protections, as well as other homeland security and defense missions,"
 Hopmeier added.  "The goal of this effort is to identify and understand the
 potential applications of nano-technology and where they are going and assist
 in the crafting of an investment and development strategy."
     Hopmeier said that the workshop's focus on basic science and technology
 rather than products would help policymakers better understand how investments
 in nano-technology can be leveraged.
     Unconventional Concepts Inc. is a Mary Esther, Florida-based professional
 engineering and scientific consulting firm specializing in national security
 affairs and emergency response operations.  UCI(R) provides research,
 organization and technology integration services in a variety of areas,
 including chemical/biological incident response, bio-medical technology
 transition, combat-casualty care and medical support, crisis response and
 management, and integrated federal/civilian disaster response.

SOURCE Unconventional Concepts Inc.