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Jun 15, 2006, 01:00 ET from

    BURLINGTON, Vt., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Dennis
 Gailbraith, senior director of online marketing solutions at J.D. Power &
 Associates, 67 percent of new-vehicle buyers are using the Internet to make
 car-buying decisions. Research demonstrates that today's buyers will invest
 considerable time online before they ever approach a dealership.
     While these statistics certainly aren't surprises, it's also obvious
 why dealerships are exploring marketing advantages inherent in technology
 to stay in step with today's savvy consumers.
     For the past three years, a leading automotive technology marketing
 company,, has provided a proprietary search engine marketing
 program called Dominator designed to help dealerships reach consumers less
 expensively and more effectively.'s Dominator has driven the cost per lead in many instances
 to less than $8. But the national average for Dominator is under $11 per
 contact. When factored over thousands of annual leads, up to fifty-percent
 savings to dealerships is substantial.
     But the cost value isn't the only advantage of Dominator. The program
 also drastically increases efficiency.
     Dominator constantly monitors more than 8,000 key words in all major
 search engines and makes appropriate updates every 30 minutes around the
 clock to ensure that subscribers are most prominently found by
 online customers. The entire process is explained in a simple and quick
 video found at
     "No other web solutions provider can offer dealers an on-line marketing
 process as productive as Dominator," says Mike Lane,'s chief
 operating officer. "Our system actually measures performance on each key
 word. Better yet, it generates unique leads, thus the dealer's closing rate
 is vastly increased when compared to third-party lead-providers or
 conventional advertising.
     "Dominator also has intricate safeguards built in to automatically
 protect our subscribers from hackers or anyone who would attempt to misuse
 the process."
     That's good news for dealers like Curry Acura in Scarsdale, NY. GM
 Michael Miele hired last year to employ the Dominator's search
 engine marketing technology for his dealership.
     "Our store generated an additional 190 leads in the first month with
 only $1,500 of search engine market advertising," he said. "At less than $8
 a piece to produce a highly-qualified lead, I'd call Dominator a doubly
 strong value.
     "We can track every dollar spent and how that translates to each
 related call and e-mail lead from the Dominator search engine ads.
 Dominator allows us to know precisely what results we're getting, something
 we can't accurately measure from TV, radio or print advertising," added
     For a small independent dealer like John Eleftherakis, of John's Auto
 Sales in Somerville, MA, the cost-effectiveness and high efficiency of
 on-line marketing is unbeatable. He employed five years ago to
 develop and build his dealership's custom website. He cites that single
 decision as the turning-point in his profitability.
     "Our store had a 20-percent increase in sales the first year, and our
 leads more than doubled," Eleftherakis said. " knows our business
 inside-out and created a website that's easy for consumers to navigate,
 while being specifically tailored to meet the needs of our dealership." offers the only fully integrated website solution that
 includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
 and Lead Management. Services include award-winning automotive dealer
 website development, user-friendly lead management tools, and the most
 proven local search engine advertising solutions available.
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 call 888.270.3439 or