'Don't Change Your Vacation Plans,' Says Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. 'We'll Find You If You Win.'

Jul 06, 2005, 01:00 ET from Publishers Clearing House

    NEW YORK, July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Once again Publishers Clearing House
 commercials are on the air showing the company's always-welcome Prize Patrol
 knocking on doors, surprising unprepared winners with giant cash windfalls and
 urging TV viewers to enter the granddaddy of all sweepstakes.
     Particularly around vacation time, people wonder whether they need to be
 home to collect their winnings should the Prize Patrol come calling.  Nervous
 TV viewers phone the company to ask, "What if I win and I'm away?"
     Not to fear, says Dave Sayer, longtime head of the team of PCH employees
 whose duties include delivering prizes worth thousands and millions of dollars
 as the video camera rolls.
     Home or away, at work or at play, the winner is always found says Sayer
 who has traveled to 48 of the 50 United States including Hawaii and Alaska, to
 Canada, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.  It is not unusual to find the
 winners in offices, stores, restaurants or hospitals, he says.
     Of course, it's essential that the hopeful person actually enter the
 sweepstakes -- either by responding to the company's mailings or by going
 online to http://www.pch.com, an increasingly trafficked website.  Without
 entering, the dream of a visit from the Publishers Clearing House team cannot
 come true.
     Recently, the Prize Patrol engaged the help of a young man to take them to
 a bustling office where the winner, his girlfriend, was employed.  Barging
 into a meeting with balloons, roses and the big cardboard check, the PCH crew
 videotaped shock, gasps, congratulations and an immediate marriage proposal to
 the winner, much to the consternation of the boyfriend who stood in stunned
     The Prize Patrol will go to almost any length to find their winner, says
 Sayer.  Once the team commandeered a dogsled as part of a prize delivery to a
 remote Alaskan town.  Another time they intercepted a winner at 36,000 feet
 aboard an Atlanta-to-Los Angeles flight, stunning not only the lucky lady but
 all the passengers as well.  One summer, a winner was sailing on Lake Michigan
 and didn't learn she had won until she found the Prize Patrol waiting at her
 New Jersey home a few days later.  One winter, the Prize Patrol landed in
 Illinois only to find that the winner had just moved to Florida -- where they
 were happy to track him down.
     On August 31st, the Prize Patrol will award a million dollar prize to a
 new winner.  The award will be shown in a "live" commercial that night on the
 NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.
     Referring to the imminent August 31st award, Sayer says nonchalantly, "We
 hope the winner is home.  But if we learn they are vacationing on the French
 Riviera, we'll just have to make the personal sacrifice and go."
     To be eligible for the August 31st win, consumers should watch for current
 PCH mailings, then return their entries by the published deadline.  Consumers
 can also enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online by visiting
 the company's popular website http://www.pch.com.

SOURCE Publishers Clearing House